Big ASS Belgium 3S TOURNAMENT! (video)

vid sucks don’t bother

Maybe, but you sure got a beast Yun game my friend. :tup: Good to see you still playin 3S and all dat. I remember you posting a lot on the GameFAQs forums with ChunLi89 and TheHy and all dem old school peepz. Those were the days. When I wanted to be real nice at 3rd Strike and had no way of doing it other than sitting at home playing the crap DC version. What I would give to be a bit older and go back in time and run around beasting peepz around the country in 3S.

Oh and I thought it was pretty kick ass. Definitely be watchin it over a few times.

funny sucks or damn thats sad sucks?

BillyKane: if there’s another tourney @ The Game Syndicate in Rotterdam, will you enter? I decided on the last minute I wanted to go to amsterdam but I didn’t hear anything about my sign up. So I guessed I was to late:/

Doom has already mopped the floor with me, I’m looking for some new stuff:P Hopefully next tournament won’t be to soon though, one of my micro switches in my stick broke.

Hmm… Only 99:99:99 minutes left to go…


Muhahaha, I started the torrent over here, maybe it will help:)

the man doesn’t lie

why does wael keep using the ex aegis he keeps getting hit because of it

i the 3s video king give this vid a 2/5 for nice format showing the brackets and pics of the players and the names on the character’s side plus good quality but lackin gameplay :encore: :encore: :encore: :encore: :encore: :encore:

(wonders how many people i pissed off with that lil review haaaaaa)

My God, I should’ve listened. It’s not that those guys were bad or anything. In fact, it’s refreshingly different from North American or Japanese play, but the main reason it’s different is because most of the players don’t know how to fully use their characters. A lot of people may disagree but I just expected more for some reason.

Some of the players played well and stood out (you, for instance), but honestly… if you don’t have a fast connection then pass on this.

And damn you True Tech. SRK wasn’t working for me when I had my post ready. I was supposed to make fun of the video first! :lol:

you gotta be quick on the refresh button

da kiiiiiiiiiing :stuck_out_tongue:

Belgium needs to understand that urien has unblockables. And partitions.


the only ‘partitions’ I know is hard drive layout.

Lollerskates. :lol:

This video is too good, so many beastly Urien strats:

(from across screen) MP Sphere XX Fierce Aegis, RK Tackle that stops right in front of them, to get comboed.

J.RK, S.WK, walk away.

Knock down, crouch then RK Knee Drop over them and walk away.

C.FP, missed Headbutt.

Probably my favourite 3S Tourney video of all-time.

haahah too good.

It’s lollerskatez :stuck_out_tongue: And I know for sure cuz I’ve seen that word too many times:P

Oh man I think I found a new unblockable involving Urien, only its Urien thats not blocking so much. . . =(

It was worth a chuckle, there were a few gems(maybe a topaz?!) but it seemed WAY amatureque in play. The brackets WERE IN FACT COOL.

So uh basicly all I contributed is that True_tech was right