Big ball tops? better than small?

i know you guys use the 35mm balltop or bat tops, but does anyone use the bigger ball tops that lizrd lick has to offer? or how bout the extra small ball tops? does either one help with moves better with square or octagon gate?

i havent seen anyone pictured with the big ball tops i think i just might try it out ill post a pic when i get it in

big ball tops are better on your chin.

LMAO, aside from that, like everyone is going to say, it is up to your preference.

i like to play with ballz

I don’t like balls. I perfer a nice bat.

Just put a tennis ball on top of your stick.

I was just wondering this to. I got large hands and sometimes the 35mm feels a bit small for me. Been really thinking about getting a bigger one.

sometimes i feel the 35mm ball is small too, maybe i should buy one of the bigger ones to try them out

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ball tops look a lot nicer as they come in different styles/colors, but i prefer the bat top still.

i have a 39mm seimitsu blue clear ball top for sale. PM me for price

its the one pictured I bought from akihabara

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