Big Bang Beat 1.06

I read the rules and im pretty sure im good.

Well guys i found this game thats prolly about a year old now its on patch

1.06 Its called Big Bang Beat 1st impression and i would like to start getting some followers on it and maybe we can even get someone to make like a mbcaster style multiplayer for it. I really think this game should be pushed


I tried to search on srk for any related threads but it just came up with a blank white page.

So guys look at the vid and tell me what you think and your impressions would you like to get this game hype and have a following? I would like to start that cause.

Let me know.

Here you go:

thanks i don tknow whats wrong with the search button…

Big bang beat is awful, Why would you want to have a scene for that?

Monster ain’t that hot either, dude LOL!!

Iunno. I played Big Bang Beat a few times. I thought it was pretty cool. Unfinished to be sure, but it has potential. I played those badass twins. They were awesome.

I see morons not actually knowing anything is still very popular on SRK. Monster is WAY better than BBB, But thats a debate for another time

Just kidding, ass turd, but it seems wildly unpopular games with bad characters are serious business to you.

Fine, they both suck, you happy now?

BBB has Heita so it can’t suck, monster doesn’t so…

I just said that to get him to lighten the fuck up.

Being as that i personally work on the project, I dont take kindly to people insulting a project they know nothing about. So if it isnt clear that something is a joke, Im not going to take it as such. Sorry for the confusion

I actually play the game. I play Delga and the winged chick.