BIG BANG BEAT 2 - It Can't Be Worse Than MKV


Aja Games throwing NRF to the curb and running it back

News so big I’m posting from my phone!!!



The fuck? MKV now BBB2. Man, 2009 year of the poverty.




-Updated graphics and new music (game already looks pretty good imo)
-New System (good x_x)

Edit: someone else can do a better job :slight_smile:


Fuck yeah. I love BBB. Too bad it can’t run my PC anymore. WTF I say! WHAT THE FUCK.


According to the blog entry, they still have a long way to go and don’t have a planned release date in sight yet. So I wouldn’t necessarily cross my fingers for a 2009 release. But it’s cool to hear nonetheless that there will be BBB2.

The entry is not very detailed, like I already mentioned, but the bullets are more like the following:

[]Renewed versus system (I don’t know what that exactly entails, but possibly team or tag format? Assists?)
[]Improved graphics
]Addition of few new characters
[*]Addition of new BGM, etc.
Also, it’s made clear towards the end of the entry that they don’t plan to release any more new patches for BBB 1st Impression.


If the people who left NRF to form this “Aja” is the ones who did the graphics for BBB, then omg. They are pixel masters, and I welcome any game they make, broken or not. Much hype!
If it’s not them, then… Only moderately hype.




This is actually pretty tight, I loved pre-patch BBB game was dope. I hope this one is too.


puh puh puh


Hoooly shit, it’s like there’s some kind of fighting game Olympics and everyone’s scrambling to have an entry! Niiiiice!


Netplay? Holy shit, this is already better than the 1st one.

Looks like Aja games got their stimulus check and going to put those code monkeys back to work…

If this comes out before Evo… ADD IT TO THE WHEEL.


Same, BBB is beautiful


I thought BBB was pretty darn fun (never did get the patches, so I dunno how much it was ruined) so the more the merrier. Let’s hope they don’t rush it and take their time before the release, so that we’d avoid another MKV.


interesting news indeed :coffee:


basically they added more and more weird and/or unnecessary stuff and changed characters and movesets around without updating the in-game movesets and without fixing what really was wrong with the game. for example, super heita got changed COMPLETELY, from just a “super” version of heita to an entirely different character, and for the worse imo.

not only that, they gave every character a seemingly totally useless new normal in one patch, 6B or something. if anyone here kept up with the game, was a use ever found for those moves?

anyway, i’ll be looking forward to seeing screenshots.


Touching myself as I read this thread.


I see. Kind of weird how they didn’t bother with even updating a simple in-game movelist, but with the whole issues of the game’s development team and whatnot, I guess they didn’t know what direction the game should take and mucked it all up instead.



BBB2, SF4, AH2 (PS2), MKV, MBAA (Someone had to do it), Chaos Code? 2009 IS the year of poverty.

I’ll play this game for the simple fact of having netplay, regardless how broke the game is. I actually don’t own the patched versions of the game either so I really don’t know how poverty the other versions of the game are. Other than that the 1st game was fun for lulz so here’s to hoping future lulz. :coffee:


well u know me if its online ill play it bring it on japanese people