Big Bang Beat Avatars

made these cause i was bored post up if you want em and i can also put your name if ya want …and yes i can prolly resize em for non-premuim members.

I’m not taking any but props on them. They look really good :tup:

Can I get the daigo one and my username on it? oh and it’ll have to be resized for non prem. Thanks in advanced. These all rock.

hows this?

Looks perfect, thanks.

Where can I get the images you used . . . .that guy on the top right . . . .dude under him . . . and the girl from the first from the bottom right. . . .and are they big enough to make sigs out of?

these right?

just came to say good shit on teh avs, they look great

Shizuma_15, can I get the Senna one with my handle on there? Thnx in advance!

here ya go

Characters look interesting, so do the avatars.

What is Big Bang Beat. Like as in, what system is it out on? I kinda wanna try it.

Too gdlk! Thnx

A new pc fighter, its pretty crazy, you should check it out.

This is insane. Can I please have the Rouga Zanma one(wolf guy) with my name on it too? I also need it re sized for non prem. Thanks a hundred.

Not taking any but these came out really nice. Repped.

good shit

Do you have any other pictures of the sisters that is not used by anyone else? Or better yet can you make me one with both of them for non-prem?

They look awesome btw

Suuuuuupaaaa Moooooode Plzzzz!!!

I’m gonna jack the Kunagi, since mine sucks.

ahh what the hell Heita was taken from the getgo, haXors :annoy: