Big Brother 16 Thread:Ariana Gradne's brother in the house! Devin Has A Daughter! Zankie showmance!


Big Brother 16 discussion thread.
Talk and discuss about anything Big Brother 16 or big brother related including Live Stream and BB After Dark.

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Sunday at 8pm,
Wednesday at 8pm
Thursday at 9pm

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What the hell is Big Brother 16?


It’s a reality tv show that aires on CBS. Pretty entertaining.


Bump. Anyone watching the show?


I can’t tell if this is spam


big brother shows are always dogshit with the exception of the russian and austrailian versions. At least over there they get to see some legit fucking and murdering going on.

Look at the pic of these dumbasses, aside from token gay dude and obvious transexual at the back, they all look like god damn sociopaths.


Lol the only sociopath this season is Caleb and his obsession over Amber. It’s pretty creepy right now :frowning: