Big CIty tourneys ONLINE tourney this sunday april 25th

Hey guys, I wanted to make everyone aware that our sponsor is holding a SF4 for the x box 360 ONLINE tourney this Sunday starting at 12pm.

The 1st place gets 100$ 2nd place 30$ and both will get a FREE entry into our MAY “live” SF4 tourney TBA the date,with a 10$ entry.

We need about 12 more guys to full this up so sign up guys :slight_smile: support us

Here is the link to sign up please PM me with any questions or concerns.

Hope to see everyone online add me on your XBOX LIVE


isnt 25th a saturday

haha crappp thanks man yes its SUNDAY GUYS THE 26TH!!! my bad fudgeee!!!check this link


HEY GUYS , we could use the support on this ONLINE tourney this Sunday , I brag about to my sponsor BRINGIT.COM how big SF4 community is…sooo please come support us this sunday SIGN UP today at this link

Show them i wasnt joking , ig you win you will get the cash AND free entry into my next tournament !

SUPPORT US homies :slight_smile: I’ll be playing as well so u can have a show at kicking my butt as well and no worries i’m not that good lol

online is too laggy 90% of the time for me so no thanks

we could really use some of your guys support, I know online might be a bit laggy but its only 10$ and if u win u get free entry into our next tourney. so come on SF4 community represent!!!show that u guys have skill z in all environments sign up today to play

THIS SUNDAY 12PM EST heres link :