Big come ups in movies/tv/games


What I mean is:

Type A: When you you first saw, say, a TV show a while ago, you wrote it off as bad or at least not worth watching. Then you come back a bit later and either it’s gotten way better or you just appreciate it way more.

Type B: You liked something at first, but started to dislike it and left. Then you came back later and things are awesome again.

For me:

Type A:

-Breaking Bad. Please don’t stop reading. I didn’t think it was bad. I just dropped off after the first few eps of season 1. Later, I caught “One Minute” in season 3 and hung in for the finale. Now I’ve seen all of Season 4, bought S3 and 2 on DVD, and am eagerly awaiting S5 (though it sucks the way they’re breaking it up).

Type B:

-Call of Duty 4. Again, hang on. When Modern Warfare 2 was about to come out, I was getting sick of COD4’s problems with after life perks (Martyrdom, Last Stand). I was playing modes like Headquarters/Domination (where you see a LOT of that shit). I was hype for 2, thinking it would make things all better. I was wrong, and that’s where I’ll stop with that. Now, I appreciate COD4 a lot more. It’s hard to get into a good lobby, but it’s still good times.

I can’t think of any more examples that I haven’t already talked to death in other topics. What about you guys? You don’t have to break it down in to type a or type b. I was only doing that just because.

The tragic tales of the formerly awesome