big congrats!


I would like to make this thread(probably unneccasary but oh well) to congratuate the REAL irrepressible guile known as JIGGLYNORRIS for an amazing victory at frosty faustings this weekend. Also congrats to royal phlush as well. I heard the grandfinals were insane but it really is a bummer that noone recorded them(nooooooo). Anyways hawk/guile/fei for the win. Godbless.


No recordings?



Screw it. I’m buying a camera.


congrats, wish i could have seen it. sucks nobody recorded it


why the fuck would no one record it? i don’t fucking get it.

congrats jiggly and phlush.

I bet it was fun to watch too. sad face


Rock on, congrats Jiggly!


That’s all well and good, but are you coming to NTC in February… THAT is the real question…

Oh yeah… and congratz Jiggly!


Congrats to both of you. I played jiggly’s fei a few nights ago it’s surprisingly good.




Congratulations. Too bad I can not check the matches.


Good shit jiggly


Congrats Jiggly, one of these days we need to play in person. You need to drop that Guile crap and just stick to Hawk, though (LOL).
Who did you use in the finals?
Congrats to Phlush as well, hope we both can make it out to Indy next month. Good to see your Shotos are still nasty! LOL.
Also congrats to my boy Face Fook who took 3rd, been trying to help train up his Honda on PSN, I think he’s looking pretty good.

Edit: What’s with the only SF2 that was there was an HDR side tourney? But Guilty Gear gets 36 players?!


Thanks everyone.

We played a lot of ST Casuals on an ST Cab for most of our downtime. I was using Fei Long, O.Sagat, Guile, Ryu, and T.Hawk on that cabinet. For the tourney, I used all Hawk except for when Face Fook beat my Hawk. I switched to my Honda counter, Guile. And yeah, Face Fook is definitely a potential Honda. I could tell he giving it his all.

HDR wasn’t even going to be run in the first place till I offered to run it as a side tournament. I wanted to run ST too, but I cancelled that. It was late, I didn’t eat the whole day, I wanted to go home.

Silver Rain, if you want, I can take the South Shore train out to Indiana with my guy Bzerk and you can pick me up from one of the stops, and take us back once the tournament is over. Otherwise the only way for us to make to NTC is if we get a ride from somebody heading in that direction.


^ Phlush is supposed to be coming, I don’t know how far apart you guys are from each other up there or how many people are coming down with him but you could try hitting him up.


I do know that you can take the Amtrak from Chicago to Indy for pretty cheap but the hours are weird in terms of coming and going and the train station in Indy is downtown close to the tourney sight but you’d be stuck overnight until early in the morning waiting for the return train back to Chicago…

But if RP is coming down like Possum said maybe you can catch a ride with him and split costs.


good shit jiggly, rep that Timothy Hawk! Show them Hawk can win even without the triceratops face mask.

^^ Reference


Yeah thanks everyone and again good shit Jiggly! Glad I got my revenge on you too in the money match right afterwards haha…

But yeah wish it was recorded you guys missed some epic comebacks for the tournament with me and Jiggly shit was crazy!

Also I should be able to hook you up with a ride to Indianapolis next month man Ill call you…


The only buff T-hawk needs is for there to be installed escalators in all tournament buildings as he is secretly ED-209 in camouflage.

Just look at that stance.

Also gratz to the Jiggly Norris.


I’d buy that for a dollar!!


Man that concept art t-hawk looks so much better than the in-game version :confused:

We need HD-HD-Remix.