Big ibuki fan

Now im not the greatest Ibuki player… well screw it, im one of the worst, but i really love to play as her. Her move set and the fact that she’s fast makes her a fun character to play as. But the important question is this, i can’t find any videos of people using her. I’ve seen a couple but none of the greater ones. If someone could possibly link me to place that has some, i’d really appreaciate it. Thank you.

Also i’ve learned one combo but it’s not that impressive to me. Hopefully i’m describing it right, but it goes:

s.lp > (2 hits) > > for a total of 5 hits.

That combo works somewhat well but i need something else since the people i play with are pretty good makoto and dudley players.

Read the stickies first, please. There’s one titled “Ibuki Combo/FAQ” that should contain plenty of combo information for you.

As for videos, there’s another thread in this section (view old posts, it’s on the first page) called “Ibuki matchvideos” discussing where to get videos. Personally, I recommend torrenting the KSK’s Gamer’s Vision ranking battles:

The past three ranking battles have featured Aruka (Ibuki player) doing very well against some of the top players in Japan.

Aside from Aruka, other popular Japanese Ibuki players include (but aren’t limited to): Hame, Red, Ibuki12, and Xiao

Searching for their names or googling their names may turn up links to videos of those players.

I went through my vids looking for some Ibuki. Here’s a quick list of Japanese Ibuki’s I saw.

Aruka (lk, sa.1)
BC (hk, sa.1)
Chyonto (mk, sa.1)
30Funkumite (mp, sa.1)
Hame (hk, sa.1)
Hosshii (hk, sa.1)
Ibuki12 (hk, sa.1)
Jyi (hk, sa.1)
Red (mk, sa.1)
Uramakigumo (secret, sa.3)
Xiao (mp, sa.1)

PS. My ability to read kanji is rubbish, so I might be wrong about “30Funkumite” – his name might be “30Bukumite” or something similar.

Sorry for the really late response, been kind of busy. But thanks for taking the time to look for the names of people who use ibuki. I really appreciate it.