Big kaillera problem

Ok I checked all the kaillera related websites and still I have no answer. This is my problem

Ok, I join a server in Kaillera, I join a game of 3rd strike or I make one and someone joins. I mostly play in Reps, and my ping there is 31ms. I get games there where the lag is not even noticeable. Anyway, me and the person I’m playing nearly always have the same ping, or close to each others ping. When the game loads, I put in credits, and join. The other player did not leave the game, but they dont play. At first I thought it was some idiots who were joining/making games and not actually participating in them. I might get to play once every 30 games.
The other thing is, when this happens, if I leave, I can still see the game I made or joined, and it has 1/2 players beside it, and when I press join, it says its playing. Its like its stuck in a time time paradox or something! Any help is appreciated.


At first i thought it sounds like you was desyncs, but it looks like your losing connection to the server when you start up a game. Maybe its your isp or firewall or something.

Thanks man! I turned off my firewall and it works. Cheers!

i just got a problem

so i fired up kaillera for the first time, quit out to set it not run fullscreen, try to ping kaillera servers again, but mame keeps crashing. can anyone help?

Maybe your setting the video resolution above your graphical capabilities? Try pressing Alt+Enter during gameplay

SwmmrManShen, try joining a server ASAP or use the client, the master server is probably down and that causes the original client to crash.

how do i direct connect to a server?

edit: nvm, shit just randomly started working again