Big Mac Attack 2007 in Cinci, Ohio

Hey everyone, the local game store in South Ohio (Game Junkie) decided to ask me what games they should have for their next fighter tournament. I figure that a bunch of 2D fighters should draw a nice crowd to South Ohio. You’ll be able to pre-reg at the website ( once they get the tournament details up. I’ll notify you guys when it happens.

7132 Cinncinati-Dayton Road
West Chester OH 45069
April 7th

GGXX/ - 12pm
MvC2 - 1:30pm*
SF:3S - 3pm*
T5:DR - 4:30pm* **

    • These events may start later depending on TV availability and length of preceding events, but will NOT start before the posted time.

** - We will need PS3’s to run this game, so please, bring yours.

Money/Fees: Go here, read it. If you don’t like it, post why.


All Tournaments are Double Elimination

No EX or #R movesets, Kliff and Justice banned
Button Mapping - I don’t care
Pre-Semi’s 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches
Semi’s - 2/3 rounds, 3/5 matches
Final’s - 2/3 rounds, 4/7 matches
Winner keeps character, loser can change

MvC2 -
DC version
Standard rules. No gamebreaking glitches.
Pre-Semi’s - 2/3 matches
Semi’s - 3/5 matches
Final’s - 4/7 matches
Winner keeps team, loser can change
If there are Macros and they’re dumb, they’re banned.

3rd Strike -
Pre-Semi’s 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches
Semi’s - 2/3 rounds, 3/5 matches
Final’s - 2/3 rounds, 4/7 matches
Winner keeps character, loser can change. Winner can change Super Art if they want
No Macros

T5:DR -
Pre-Semi’s 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches
Semi’s - 2/3 rounds, 3/5 matches
Final’s - 2/3 rounds, 4/7 matches
Winner keeps character, loser can change.

Money Matches: They aren’t allowed in the store, but that really doesn’t stop you from talking about them elsewhere, play the match, then go elsewhere and fork over the cash you lost.

There is a Knights in about five miles from Game Junkie and a Marriot two exits south of Game Junkie on I-75

What’s up MB. I just had a quick question about this tournament here in Cincy:

Are those games (GGXX, 3S, & MVC2) the only games that are gonna be held @ the tournament @ Game Junkie, or are they willing 2 add more games?

The reason I ask this is b/c I’d love 2 go 2 this tournament (since there’s NO tournaments held here in Cincy whatsoever), but, I only play Tekken & I can’t play those other games worth a damn. If Tekken was there, I’d be there for sure. I was just wondering if having Tekken there would be feasible, or if it’s not due 2 Game Junkie limiting the games there.

That’s all 4 now & thank you.


Sounds cool – post back when fees/prize $$ is decided.

The only thing I’d suggest right now about rules is that grand finals is 4/7 in the major tournies – dunno if you want to change.

Sluch, the last Tekken tourney we had, we didn’t even get enough people to have it. The store is starting to get away from 3D fighters with the death of the SC3 community and a lack of Tekken 5:DR. I don’t think they will want to put Tekken on the bill.

Ghaleon, 4/7 rounds or matches?

hey, this is tight. hopefully lots of OG team cincy heads will come out for this since it’s in their backyards. have 3S on ps2 since it’s the tournament standard. also, add cvs2 because some people will play that also.

questions, any idea on times? usually registration is at 12 noon, tournies start at 1. and by $5 pre-reg and $10 at the door, what do you mean? what is the entry fee for the actual games in each tournament? again, the standard is $10 entry fee for each tournament game and usually $5 for the venue fee to use the place (if that’s even necessary).

peace and thanks for posting.

popoblo, I don’t have any ideas on the times yet. I don’t know if they’re expecting me to figure all of this out or not.

The $$ issue goes as follows: We usually open up pre-registration for people who can’t make it to the store to register (out of state or far away) and it’s usually five dollars to pre-register and if you do not register until the day of the tournament, the cost usually goes to ten dollars. There is no venue fee, as this game store is one of the coolest places ever.

3S will be on PS2.

I’ll see what I can do about CvS2. We might have trouble running all three of these tournaments if we get a good turnout. We only have 8 screens available at the moment but the locals are always willing to bring in more setups.

Isn’t pre-registering basically the venue fee?

Grand finals would be 4/7 matches.

I doubt you’d have an easy time piecing a CvS tourney together here unless you bring most of the players yourself, Dan :stuck_out_tongue: This is parry + Magneto country!

i c, 8 setups is actually a great number. tourney organizers usually do it so 2 tournies are earlier (like 1 PM) and 2 are later (like 4 PM), and split up the TV’s and keep things running while allowing 1 or 2 stations for casual play.

and ghaleon, i think we can round up enough people for cvs2, do a round robin tourney at the absolute worst. i’ll just have to not scare everyone away in casuals like me and VDO did one tourney, lol.


Well, I usually consider pre-registration as paying for your entry fee’s before the date. If pre-registration is $5 dollars, you could register for all three tournaments for a cool $15.

Like I said, I still don’t know the specifics about entry fees. I’m going to ask the guy that manages the store tomorrow.

Yeah Dan, round robin is always an option, true.

Doesn’t the pre-reg fuck up each game’s pot though, if you have some people paying $5 for a tourney and some $10? Like I can see an early-bird discount for venue fee as some tournies do, but seems weird to do that for the games themselves cos that’s a lot of $$ disappearing for the winners.

Hey, if this happens, I’ll go play guilty gear. Why not? Hopefully it will, hopefully there will be lots of Johnny air throws into the corner.

This is true. There’s not 2 much of a scene here for either SC & Tekken. I do know a good # of peeps that like 2 play both of these games, but they won’t go if it seems like u don’t wanna hold a tourney for either of those games.

I understand the reasons why u won’t have either of those games, so I can’t really blame ya MB for not trying 2 hold a tourney for either of them.

Fuckin A! A tourney in my own backyard & nothing there that interests me. Oh well. Another day & another time I suppose.

Since u r only holding 2-D fighters for this tourney, I know a lot of ppl that like 2 play those games as well, so I’ll let them know & get the word out about what’s going on 4ya.

agreed. and it looks shady because there’s no real way to tell who pre-registered and who didn’t besides asking every single person how much they paid for their entry fee and doing the math from there. you NEED to have a flat fee for each game or you’ll run into lots of problems. i’ve seen people get really pissy over $5 missing from a pot before, so it will definitely turn into an issue.

JOE FRY- round up all the team cincy guys, there hasn’t been a tourney up there in forever. should be fun seeing everyone again.


PS- i’m only allowed to play N-groove in the cvs2 tourney. i promise i won’t play A-groove and bison CC you for 80-85% of your life, shosho you to hell, or random activate for the win. that should level the playing field, right?

They’re ok with flat fees for the seperate games.

Popoblo, I’m sure they’ll have screens set up for casuals where you can play anything you want.

By the way, I’m accepting any and all Money Matches for Soul Calibur 2 or 3.

You should have come to Clash so I could take your money. :wink:

lol! Shadowfox! You do play my character.


so all the tourney are singles right?? hmm no teams Boo…

But im interested in coming since I live in dayton… and me and the crew may decide to come.

Update: I got word that the venue fee comes out of your entry fee. They usually take about 20-30% because after all, at the end of the day it’s still a business. I’ll try to work on getting it lowerd so the placers could have more prize money.

Also, I’m working on getting more cash for 2nd and 3rd place. Usually they give out cash to first, cash and store credit for second and store credit only for third. I’m trying to get cash for all placers because I know you guys will want food/gas/booze money for all placers.

Just charge a flat venue fee per person, and they can leave entries alone, right? These small places are going to get really minimal interest, and less revenue in the short and long term, by having a gay prize structire.