Big n00b question. Real Arcade pro for ps3

I did a brief search, and couldn’t find much in the way of a definitive answer, but here’s my issue.

I have an xbox, and all my friends have ps3’s. I fully intend to buy a ps3 in the near future, and want to buy a stick to use with it. In the mean time i’m stuck with the xbox.

If I buy the Real Arcade pro for the PS3, since it’s a USB device will it work with the xbox? I don’t care about the home buttons and all that junk, will the basic functions of the stick and buttons work? Is there an adapter to make it work ?

I’ve already broken down and bought sf4 for the xbox to hold me over till I get my ps3, but I can’t stand playing on the dpad.


to get a hrap 3 to work on a 360 you would need a cthulu pcb, and a 360 controller. then u will have a dual board setup. you could also do the reverse and buy a hrap ex. then when u buy the ps3 mod in a cthulu.

There is a thread at the top of this forum for big noob questions called:


But nope, your PS3 stick will not work on the 360, even basic functionality. You can thank MS for this; they did this on purpose. On the other hand, almost any random USB PC controller will work fine in the PS3; they did that on purpose too.

There aren’t any known good converters for 360 -> PS3 or vice-versa, at least without lag or reliability issues. Your best immediate options are to buy a custom 360+PS3 stick, or get a 360 stick and add PS3 support with a Cthulhu board, or pay someone to do it for you if you’re unable to.

In short, sorry no it won’t. Just because a peripheral is USB, it doesn’t automagically work with the Xbox 360. MS made sure of that by implementing a security key on their peripherals so only authorized peripherals will work.

The post above this is an example of how you would go about hacking it. You’d basically have to take a 360 controller and rewire everything to the buttons yourself. Or pay someone to do it.