Big performance drop after the patch (SSFIV AE PC)

Before the patch the game ran flawlessly…never a stutter or loss of fps. After the patch…my benchmark drops by 30 fps??? The game stutters and slows down repeatedly??? Is anyone else having such issues or am I alone here?

Turn AA off,V-sync-off then test benchmark.gdluk.

You must have changed some video settings, or the game did for you after the patch. Go take a look at them. V-sync usually kills fps on slower PCs.

Or you might have gotten some malware on your PC, coincidentally at the same time as the game was patched. Some diagnostics might not hurt.

Also Fixed frames are Default now. You may have had it on Smooth or Variable. which is horrible for online. Drawing every frame can kill your game on less than perfect machines

I think this is an issue with the patch.

I felt what seemed like input lag, even in the menus. Turning off vsync in the game and forcing it on in my gfx card settings seemed to eliminate it. Seems a bug rather than a performance issue!

Seems turning off motion blur also made the menu navigation feel more responsive (don’t think it likes menus). I think the game looks better without it, too.

Sorry for doubting your words, but are you sure this isn’t just a problem with your PC (performance-wise)? I haven’t noticed anything at all (will test again later when I get home).

Couldn’t say. I have an i7 currently clocked at 3.4 ghz. I can bump it up to 4.4 but I’m making savings on the electricity bills and computer life (as most games don’t need that much cpu). Gfx card is a gtx 260, which is a bit old now, though it had no problems with vanilla.

It seems okay now but inconsistently so. Before in training mode I experienced an issue where if I set the second controller to keyboard, the keyboard had noticeable input lag over my gamepad. Then I entered window mode and then reentered fullscreen and the problem was gone!

Just a damn nuisance trying to predict all the factors that might be impacting the game in such a way.