Big problems with the April DLC for SF4

Hello everybody…
At first my english is not good,im not an american,hope u will understand my problems.

I downloaded the DLC for SF4 on the day it came out…and i got a few problems with it.

1.After a gaming session where i make maybe 400GP,i go out of the Network Battle,and back to the the SF4 Title…and then i shut down the game.
If i want to play again at the next day,my GPs are again at the point they were BEFORE my last session,that means if they were on 500,they are on 100 now.
That happends always,im very pissed off,i used to have 5000GP,but i have 1800,cause in 3 of 10 cases he saves the point,in the other times the points are gone…
So anybody knows why it is so?

2.If i watch the Online-Replays,often there comes an error that shows me “Cant watch replay”,and if if this error comes 2 times,my game starts getting freaky,it signs out of the PSN and i cant get in again,until i start the game new.

And sometimes the Replays work but only 3-4 Replays after it the same stuff happens…

Would be nice if anyone could help me!

THANKS!(and sry for my english)