Big Red Custom Arcade Cabinet

Hello again
I just finished a 2 month project, building my first full size cabinet.

I posted a making of blog too, have a look:

some info:
-27" monitor
-2.1 sound
-sanwa jlw square gate, obsn 30mm screw-ins
-2 months to plan and build

I designed it in the computer first, then built it based on those measurements.

I hope you like it~


Nice! I like how you cut out the side for easy access to the 360 without it being really obvious as it would be on the front.

How stable is it? Because it looks like it would easily fall without any support up back.

It’s completely stable, i used 3/4" mdf so it’s really heavy. Also the weight is balanced well because a fair a mount of the guts are on the bottom and the monitor is light. If somebody were to loose their balance and go crashing into it, yeah it would rock. But for normal gameplay it’s great. Oh and if you’re referring to the gif, the final product has a half tall back panel, just not in that graphic.

cool, yeah i wanted easy access but not to call too much attention to it.


Another question, why JLWs? If you wanted something that felt American, you could have gone all the way and used Happs.

You’re right, I grew up on Happs. But I know better now :slight_smile:

I’ve used JLF’s and seimitsu ls-32/40, the JLW fits best for me.