Big request for an avatar

I’ve got an idea for an avatar and want to know if someone can design it for me.

I would like Cammy,Chipp,Charlie,Strider,and Remy standing in poses with their backs turned,wearing outfits colored in blue. I would like to have to have the letters of"Deezy" tattooed in white on each of their backs respectively. Then I would like a blue c flaoting in the middle of the avatar.

I know it sounds pretty far fetched, but if someone can do this for me, you just don’t know how many thanx you’ll be getting from me.

Holla back

OK, scratch that. Just give me something with cammy and charlie in it with my name please.

umm it would be eaiser if you went to the request threads i suggest seth hes barely starting again and doesnt look like he has much requests yet so better hurry …

prociate the advice.