BIG request on Image's for Stick

Tried looking but not having much luck in finding certain images. Im not lookin for google low res crap. I need nice High Quality images. Im going to make the final product(s) in Photoshop to go on my stick. Heres What I need, And I just need the link posted where u find the images:

      * -Image(s) of Q
      * -A Kick Ass Akuma Pic (Stance if possible) Just find a bunch
      * -Image(s) of Elena
      * -Image(s) of Yang
       -Image(s) of Hugo
       -Image(s) of Zangief
      * -Image(s) of Fei-Long
      * -Image(s) of Yamazaki
       -Image(s) of M.Bison but preferably one with his Glowing eyes.
      * -Image(s) of Iori
       -Image(s) of Benimaru
      * -Image(s) of Haohmaru
       -Image(s) of John Talban
       -Image(s) of Q. Bee
       -Image(s) of Megaman
       -Image(s) of Wolverine
       -Image(s) of Juggernaught
       -Image(s) of Tizoc (from Garuo)
       -Image(s) of Lee (From last Blade series)
      * -Image(s) of Pual (Tekken series)
       -Image(s) of Potmkin
      * -Image(s) of Venom
        -Image(s) of A.B.A.
      * -Image(s) of Mitsurugi
       -Image(s) of Rock (Soul Calibur Series)
      * -A nice Image of the Logo.
      * -Image(s) of Lei Fei (Virtual Fighter Series)

Thanks In Advance. Anyone who helps me is totally awsome. Saving me alot of time and work. The ones with the “*” are more important. If there are already threads discussin a certain character (with good links mind you) post em here.