BIG SANWA + SEIMITSU Buttons / Joysticks SALE *UK*

Mods please remove sales thread

Just FYI, in your post you wrote “Payment via PAYPAL GIFT ONLY”

If someone sends payment as “Gift” the seller doesn’t pay a fee but the buyer instead has to pay the PayPal fee. The rules on here say sellers can’t charge buyers for PayPal fees.

Hi , i didnt know that thanks , i thought there was no charge either end :looney: ok no prob , just send payment via normal paypal

Many thanks

No prob.

I bought something on here a while ago and the user asked me to send payment as “gift” and I had to pay for his Paypal fee which I did since it was a low amount and it only came up to like 80 cents or something but just wanted to let others know.

Op is right their isnt charge for buyer or seller. I have paid the seller with gift and never been charge.

This used to be the case.

PayPal got smart and found out people were illegitimately using this feature and now charges the sender the bill for the Paypal fee.

Take a read:

If you try to send someone payment as “Gift” at the last prompt screen it will make you agree to pay the transaction amount before you’re able to send payment.

Interested in that RE Seimitsu mounting plate, but damn… How much is that in US Dollars? How much is shipping to New Haven? And how long would shipping take?

Hi mate , sorry the RE plate is pending , if it falls through ill let you know


How lightly used are the Seimitsu PS-14-K White?
Have those little things been shaved off?

That is exactly how I wanted to do my Buttons.
PS-14-K White Body with PS-14-K Purple Plunger.

I’m very interested.

Has the Microswitch Prongs been soldered on?
It doesn’t really matter though, since I will replace those.

Hi mate

The purple plunger"oohh sounds rude" :rofl: is brand spanking new , just put those in yesterday , as i wanted my stick to have purple surrounds and clear plungers ? i only used the clear ones for a few months , never soldered them and there like new , i also give them a clean yesterday when i took them apart

Not sure what you mean by those litte things but i havnt shaved this button at all , its like stock


What’s the shipping going to be for the 6 blue seimitsu screw-ins shipped to zip 45140?


it will be an extra 3.00 lmk


sorry blue buttons are now sold

JDM , need an anwser on these buttons mate , got someone else holding on for them let me know by the end of today


mods please remove sale, thanks