Big Smile reviews



you may know me and my video game reviews. but i thought it will be nice if i just make a topic where i will be posting links to all my new videos. I hope this is ok.

here is my youtube link.

I try and my very energetic and fun video game reviews. this is also why i call my reivews big smile reviews.

i made over 100 videos which you can see on the above link. but below are the videos whcih i think you will like the most. so please have a look and let me know what you think thanks. i even take bad comments.

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology review

Street Fighter Alpha 3 PSP review

Capcom VS snk 2 review

Guilty Gear review


Yes keep up the good work diifii :slight_smile:


The Onimusha series got a big retake on the fighting game genre. But how good is it? see the video and let me know what you think of the game.


topic update!!!

I review the boss fights from the great Capcom game Maximo Army of Zin. The bosses are epic and really need their own video.

these bosses really give you a hard time. and i have it all in the show.

check it out and let me know what you think.


This is a great up lift for Sonic. After so many lame Sonic games, this game takes a big step into the right direction. Not only is this one of the best Sonic games i ever played. But its also one of the best RPG games i ever played. Well done to BioWare and SEGA on their great work.
Please watch the video and let me know what you think. thanks.

I show off some great boss fights and some great puzzles.


i review the megaman 9 game. and its so hard it made me go all crazy. i just cant believe how hard the game is. i broke a few wii controlers and i almost killed three of my plush toy friends. its crazy how a video game can make me go all crazy. ##


Looks like you put some time into this one. The quality of this video was better than your previous ones.

Keep up the reviews dude.


thanks a lot. i started to use an iLink and not a USB cable. it helps.

The review may be a bit to hyper. But its all from the game. Wario shakes his enemies to get things out of them. And i find out that shaking is a lot of fun.
The game is great and me and green dude love it.

Shake with us and let us know what do you think of the video review.


This is the over the top Disagea DS review. The greatest battles ever. I sent a lot of my enemies to hell. And Green Dude also goes to hell. This is a hell game that is so good it will make you stick to your DS for days and nights - months and years.

A many year old PS2 port, but still on top of the game in the Tactical RPG genre.


This is all fantastic fun, with Naruto we take a look at the crazy fights, but we make them even more crazy with green dude taking all the beating!!
The video shows you just how great the game is and i show you just how crazy i can get!!!


A great must have game on the PSP…now thats something that does not happen very often. well here is this amazing moment. I review the super cool Star Ocean and it just hit hard with all its glory!!!

We take a look at the great battle system, fight a scary boss and have a lot of fun with green dude.

A great video of a great game!!!


I review the crazy Gears of War 2. this game takes it to the next level with killing, gore and blood. i go crazy with action from the game and we even kill enemies with our own hands. thanks the nice way of doing it.

we show you just how bloody the game can get and we show you just how crazy it all is in a middle of the hottest shoot out.


I bet it was not just me, i bet most people thought the Wii remote is a super cool controller which will bring out the best Star Wars games ever!!
And here we have a Wii only Star Wars game which is all about the Lightsaber duels. And it does use the Wii controls as best it can. But the game still falls short in so many features.

How did it all go so wrong…whatch the review and find out.



AC came to the wii at last. And after playing the game like 2 years every day on my DS this is huge news for me.
But even after days and hours of playing i start to see a lot of missed potential.

So how could such a perfect DS game come out with so many missed features? And will this game be a great Christmas gift??

whatch the video and find out



Your videos are funny… Glad to see you’re still about… :tup:


What happened to your vids, diifii?