Big Thanks to Evo2k8 from the GG community

Since most GG players post on Dustloop instead of SRK, I wanted to say thank you from the community to all the Evo staff for making this year’s event as great as ever. Despite GG being removed as an official game this year, causing most players outside of west coast not to come, the side tournament we held still turned out great (85 for singles and 24 teams!). The only thing I was disappointed about was that we couldn’t get all that hype up on the big screen.

I especially want to thank the staff who allowed us stay late on Friday night to finish our singles tournament.

Looking forward to Evo2k9!

I just got home but our Dustloop results are up but I really do wanna thank Evo for letting us do our thing for so late two nights in a row. I saw the frustration but you guys were real cool. I hope you saw how much we really appreciated that.

Without SRK, the GG community would never have had the initial means to become as big as it has here in the states. Evo is still a strong representation of that. Thanks for everything. If you guys need us in anyway for anything, just ask we got you.

Next year then.

I want to chime in as well and show my appreciation for letting us stay late to finish our super-hype finals. Thanks for understanding and see you guys again next year!

Thanks for letting us stay as long as we did so we could finish up all the matches. You guys went out of your way for the Guilty Gear community which means a lot to all of us. EVO staff is awesome. :rock:

Thanks guys, once again! We’ll all definitely be back in full force at Evo2k9!!!

wow, i didnt know we stayed THAT much later than closing time… thanks evo staff.

Im a tekken player
BUT my opinion has changed over EVO weekend
GG players i hope it comes back to EVO
you had more entrants in a side tourney than tekken in evo
maybe reg fees were a factor, but still DR is done and t6 is garbage (fact not fiction)
well see though lots of new fighters being released

Thanks a lot to Evo staff for being so supportive and running a great event. Big thanks to Wizard for letting my borrow his laptop and cell phone so we could pull up the pre-registration list online for the singles tournament, and thanks for letting us borrow an unused TV from the center area; it really helped a lot. Also a huge thanks for letting us stay after closing time to finish singles and teams, especially singles since we were there for an extra thirty to sixty minutes.

The tournaments themselves ran into some snags (lol people disappearing for hours) that we hope won’t happen again next year, providing GG isn’t an official game again next year at Evo. We did, however, get over 80 people in singles, most being west coast, for an unofficial tournament. Just imagine the numbers if the tournament is official next year and MW, Texas, and EC come! GET HYPE!

Thanks again, Evo staff. Looking forward to next year’s Evo!

Not sure if staff has read this thread yet, and I’m not sure if it’s too early to ask, but what are the chances of GG returning to Evo next year?

Everything has already been said, but I wanted to chime in regardless.

Thank you EVO Staff!

yea I wanna add my thanks too for letting us stay to finish the finals both days. I will see what I can do about coming back from Japan again next year

This was my second tournament ever, and it was tons of fun, GG was awesome at evo, and evo was awesome in general. Thanks for the great experience, and we’ll see you all next year!

Thanks a bunch, sirs!

I also want to thank evo for letting us stay and finish!

also since this is my First time at EVO, and it was a blast!

This was my first evo and you guys were nothing but cool. Thanks for letting us stay late, and letting us make announcments about the tournament sign ups.

Just now saw this.

Excellent job, guys. Mad mad props for letting us stay late. Will definitely be back next year even if GG isn’t an official game.

i’ll admit, i was one of the dissenters who didn’t go to evo because i didn’t want to travel for a side tourney (or two, since vf5 was canned as well), but after seeing how well it went this year i can’t help but regret that decision.

hopefully i’ll see you all next year.