Big tittied teen takes a shot to the face


One of the comments from this page lol

This is YOUR shit generation, enjoy bitching 10 years from now that is if some supposed teen “actress” doesn’t murder your whole family.


“Big titted teen…”


“…shot in face”


I still came to the thread though…


Some more info and some more dead teen tits.


I really wish we could have guns here in italy like you do in the U.S.

Here people get jailed for shooting (not even hitting) to scare thieves away from home. Like someone enters your property, you see him trying to open your door, shoot somewhere just to scare him, he goes to police and you get brought to jail. Yeah, it’s that bad.


This thread seems convey the painful mix of sexual arousal and mournfulness.


Did you make this thread just for the tits?


What a waste on tits like those. Oh well, jailbait anyway. I’m cool. What she doing robbing people anyway? She look like her parents taking care of her.


Title changed to avoid confusion.


I wonder if people who do the autopsy touched her boobs first before they do anything else.


That happens in America too, except if you fire a warning shot at your abusive spouse you get 20 years




Why the fuck would you try to rob someone in Texas?


Robbing a house in Texas of all places. Bad idea,


Never understood people who robbed houses in Texas and are surprised by the end result.
Of course you’re going to get shot!


So Texas = Cable?


Pfffhahahaha, I remember in high school this gangster wannabe dude said something “Man I’m hard, I’d rob…” No you wouldn’t. Pure nonsense, you’d get shot like this silly little girl.


Are you allowed to fashion guns out of pasta that shoot meatballs?


Turns out she had accomplices…



Why else make it?

Assault laws in this country are horrible. You’re literally an argument away from going to jail at any moment in most states. My wife’s step father had this happen to him. Got into a fight at work and grabbed some random car part to defend himself… BOOM! in jail for assault. He was looking at like 2 to 12 years because he grabbed a weapon until we talked to the dude he fought with and got him to have the charges dropped.


The one article describes her as a bighearted teen.

YEAHHHH, dem hearts are fat as hell.


Perhaps they are spicy?