Big Voluptuos Male seeking cute Chinese girl

ME: Red hair with a ponytail… I’ll bring a tub of popcorn.
YOU: Dark hair with fast legs and them thick ol thighs.

still cant figure you out, girl. erytime we see each other, u always get the best of me. i dont know what it is about you. is it just me, or were we made for each other?? holla at your b-boy and let me kno what’s good…“yaknowhamsayn”

is this rufus
come clean man

The fuck?


seriously though, if you main rufus add me on XBL. I could use the anti-rufoid practice.

more like C.Viper

^ has to be viper, red hair with a pony tail.[large][AnimePaper]scans_Street-Fighter_Figtree(0.71)__THISRES__184633.jpg

mystery solved

although rufus is blonde, so

What about the “big voluptuos male” part?

Rufus… crossdressing as C. Viper w/ popcorn assist? :confused:

If you are having trouble with Chun, maybe you aren’t spamming enough dive kick.


Seems like EX Messiah murders her “in your face” game and the dive kick stuffs her EX SBK cold…so I’m not sure why you would be having trouble…Rufus is probably my most feared opponent as Chun.

As you practice, you’ll learn to RESPECT the Jesus kick… can’t be whiffing shit because Rufus will be the shit out of you with that move alone.

EX messiah is the only thing that saves me. lightning legs beat out triangle dive kicks. wake up EX SBK beats out normal dive kicks as well. maybe not doing the dive kick at the right angle probably. either way, if you’re down for some matches, hit me up. and i apologize for taking up thread space. was looking specificaly looking for chun players cuz she gives me the hardest time.

and im sure that someone already made a c.viper-crossdressing-rufus on the PC already… =D

and thanks all for your responses…looks like i got hot date tonight with a sexy chinese chick. time to bring that extra butter on the popcorn baby!

You can send me an invite if ya like – lord knows I am tired of playing all the noobie Shotos.

Fuck rufus, Ex messiah is ridiculous and the dive kick stuffs the shit out of everything she’s got.

How do you deal with a rufus bahn? I can usually keep him out (with the patented keep away game that I used to do until I played you more), but once he’s in I just try and FA -> backdash, usually eating a galactic tornado.

Seriously, I shit myself when my opponent picks rufus, a decent one can shut me down no problem.

Confirmed: EX SBK beats dive kicks. played a solid chun last night, and got my ass handed to me…again. I’ll add you guys tonight (phreak and bahn).

EX SBK does not beat a properly spaced dive kick. Watch match vids and learn the proper timing.