Bigfoot video


Hey, I am not sure if anyone has even noticed this, but I was watching a video today and noticed something quite odd!

If you watch this video, from 1:35-1:55 keep your eye on the bottom left portion of the screen and you can see bigfoot rise up and walk away. This is odd, because the area they are fishing is quite remote in my state… Curious.

Please weigh in with what you think it is?

Sorry, I fixed the link


Right on brotha.


lol i guess it beats a “Cool story bro…”

Though I have a prediction for the next post


cool story bro:wink:


I should expect no less. But really, Did anyone notice it? They are like 80 miles in the woods dropped in on a mountain river, and that is on the inside bank, so its less likely to be a human.


Wayyyyy too small homie.


what do you suppose it is then? you have to realize it is shot at distance as well


Just some guy in the shadows. He’s too skinny to be Bigfoot.


^ This.

Some of the dudes on this forum got girls that look more like bigfoot than that guy.


That’s me. :frowning:


lol, it sure seems highly unlikely that it would be some guy in the bushes… If you were familliar with the landscape you would know why. For 1, without a boat, getting where he was would be an immense chore.

And again, they are just off a mountain, but a few miles from the snowbreak, the population there is quite small, and whats more, that area is quite hard to get to… boating is the only option.

Then there is the fact that it doesn’t look like anyone would dress in that manner…

and by inside, I mean the closest road is several miles in the direction opposite of his side of the river.


i dress in that manner


My shoe size is 11 1/2.


For you maybe. When I was a kid and used to visit this place in the middle of the forest during the summer, a bunch of kids and I knew a river that could be reached going through miles of thick forest only by foot with no path. There was a spot where the river split and a small “island” in the middle which was a cool spot to chill. Seems like the dude was sleeping and relaxing then heard you guys. Maybe he was a criminal who was trying to hide from cops. Who knows. He’s no bigfoot though.


And if you could stop calling me bigfoot that would be great. I’m just a dude who was jerking off in the middle of nature when some pricks on boats had to get up all in my business.

Stop it.


lol i know, it is just a very remote area very unlikely to have humans unless they are boating in.

@eldergod, I have a few places that are like that as well, it just this place is not really the place you would expect to see some random


No shit jerking off out in the woods or in someone’s front window is the way to go…Hate it when random boats or cars drive by when im trying bust my nut…


Actually I say I was jerking off but really a mermaid was giving me head.


Ask Robert Stack…