Bigfoot's Killer Gaming Network Card eliminates lag in GGPO and 2DF?


I’d like to get your thoughts on the Killer Network Card from Bigfoot. A few people from a couple forums say this is a waste of money and does nothing to improve lag/latency, but then, a few other people have said otherwise. Do any of you have, or know anyone that has any experience with this new Killer Network card? What do you suspect the effects would be when playing 2DF or GGPO?

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For $200, that shit better work. Besides, if you don’t have the Gigabit router to go along with it, it’s kinda pointless.

Just get this instead:

Does the same shit for $160 less.

what cards like this do is give host advantage, meaning that if you’re hosting, then you will have less delay then the other players in the game. many people consider it cheating in FPS games.

The router makes the difference in the whole data transfer, not the NIC card.

That card is a terrible waste of money for idgits to buy.

Latency is dependent on your isp; meaning there is a cap. The network card PROCESSES data faster than other cards, and unless you’re hosting a 32 player game in cs:source, you don’t need this extra processing speed.

Meaning if you were to play fighting games with this network card, it would mayb take off, when it comes to latency, 2ms of processing time, which means in the end, you’re paying $100/ms.

Um, i don’t think that’s worth it.

No matter how fast you can process data, your speed will always be capped by your isp. You have to remember that. Now if your ISP was to get one of these cards, that’s a different story…

Ahh, thanks for the explanation guys. Interesting stuff. Won’t be touching this with a 10ft pole :slight_smile: