Bigger alternative than evo asus monitor? With minimum input lag


I read the main thread about hdtvs and lag. I also have seen cicada’s input lag tests. If one wants to play hi-def fighting games, then the best option is the asus vh232h ( maybe also vh236h? ) since the input lag is the lowest one could get as of the moment ( half of a frame ). Now I want to buy an lcd display in order to use it with my just bought ps3. I can buy one of those monitors, but the thing is that I want also to use the display for movies, and also other games like final fantasy, fallout, mgs, call of duty, etc … and 23" wont help here. I need something with at least 32", and I checked that there are no asus monitors made by that size. What other options do I have? I heard that panasonic viera 32x1 series do pretty damn good in the input lag department, when compared to the asus monitors. Maybe the panasonic displays have a delay of one frame, but would that half of a frame more will make a huge difference in competitive gameplay? What do you think about that line of lcds, and also which other would you guys recommend?
Thanks in advance.


There’s a Phillips 32" with apparent 2ms response time:

Might want to look into that one more.


Mmmmmh Im not sure about that one. I was already told that response time has nothing to do with input lag.


Well, it’s post-processing and response time that is problematic when it comes to gaming. Of course, you want low response time, but if it post-processes, then there’s a problem still.

You might check out reviews some more, see about post-processing on that model. If it has it, you can also use VGA cords to pretty much bypass post-processing (usually).