Biggest 3S Event of the Year: Clash of the Titans at TFC, Raleigh, NC


Hello friends. If you’re a relative newcomer or an old veteran that’s itching for a grand ole 3S event, set your sights on TFC this year! October 7-9 in Raleigh, NC – We’ll be hosting 3 days of 3S, on FOUR sets of head to head cabinets, and everything should be livestreamed.

-Traditional singles tournament (double elimination)
-Regional 3v3 Teams (At least 2 members must be from the same scene or area - exception: online players can team up)
-Clash of the Titans

There have already been numerous scenes (SoCal, Texas, NY, NC, NE, Canada) that have either expressed great interest or have locked in their bid to go. If you love 3S, do your best to come to this event!

Pasted below is the announcement…

Over the years, our love for this masterpiece of a fighting game has kept it alive. There have been tournaments here, tournaments there, but alas, ever since falling out of EVO’s favor, Third Strike hardly receives the love it rightfully deserves. Of course, there are champions of the game scattered all over America (and the world), but when was the last great American 3rd Strike tournament?

In an effort to once again unify this fragmented community, with much gratitude to Big E Gaming, Tony Majors, and Lost Ark Video Games, we are proud to present Clash of the Titans! Held at Big E’s trademark TFC (The Fall Classic) in Raleigh, NC, we will show the love that 3S rightfully deserves. Come join us, and make sure you bring some friends!!!

Hilton North Raleigh Midtown
3415 Wake Forest Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27609-7330
1 (919) 872-2323

EVENT (START TIMES - note start times are only a rough guideline - some changes may be necessary)
Singles (Saturday - START TIME: NOON)
Regional 3v3 (Saturday Night after Singles)
Clash of the Titans (Sunday - START TIME: 11AM)
Impromptu Generals battles and exhibitions if time permits (Most likely on Friday)

We are looking at FOUR sets of head to head cabinets for the tournament, with the possibility of TWO Supergun setups for casuals/practice on the side. This means that there will be NO stick/pad usage, as the official tournament will be held on the arcade cabinets. You SHOULD learn/practice on stick if you wish to not fail miserably!

There will be a total of $2000 in prize pool bonuses! Each event will receive a certain amount (described in detail below).


A. General

A.1 - You MUST pre-register for the event. Pre-registration scales upwards, so the earlier you do it, the earlier your discount is. We will try our best to take on-site registration, but there is ZERO guarantee that it will happen. PRE-REGISTER.

A.2 - The tournament will be ran in blocks at a time (pools). Brackets will be posted, and as an added layer, we will be using Twitter to tweet out the blocks. My twitter is exodus3rdstrike. Do your best to know roughly when you are playing! I will do my best to be mindful of other games being ran, but anything unreasonable will result in a disqualification. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW WHEN YOU’RE LIKELY TO BE NEEDED.

A.3 - This event is an inaugural event. There will most likely be mistakes or slowdowns. Do your community and friends a kindness by offering help if you are up for it, or don’t be a part of the problem. Either way, just remember that we are all human.

A.4 - Standard payouts for singles and teams are 65/25/10. Additional bonus money is defined below.

B. Singles (Saturday - START TIME: NOON)

Traditional double elimination format, best 2 out of 3 matches. $10 entry.

B.1 - The tournament will be standard double elimination. Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals are 3 out of 5.

B.2 - Winner has the responsibility to report their match immediately after it has taken place.

B.3 - An additional $1600 will be distributed among the top 8 of the tournament. 1st +750, 2nd +300, 3rd +200, 4th +100, 5th +75, 7th +50

C. 3v3 Regional Teams (After singles, break around semifinals to resume Sunday)

Traditional double elimination format, best 2 out of 3 matches. $15 per team entry.
Teams designate a play order, players A B and C. A goes first for both teams. Loser gets replaced by their successive teammates. Once all 3 players are defeated, the other team nets a point. Two points to win.
NOTE If by some crazy way we end up very short on time, the 2 out of 3 will instead be single match.

C.1 - A team must comprise of at least TWO players from the same scene or region. For example, Dallas players may team up with one another, or team up with Houston to represent a Texan team. The distance is up to the tournament coordinator’s discretion. If you are unsure, ask. DO NOT ASSUME.

C.2 - The exception to the rule: Players who traditionally play online may team up with one another, regardless of their location. There is no restriction on which online service you use (GGPO, XBL, PSN).

C.3 - To allow for easier teaming arrangements, there is no restriction on the 3rd player.

C.4 - Bonus prize pool distribution for teams is: $250 for 1st, $100 for 2nd, and $50 for 3rd.

D. Clash of the Titans (Sunday - START TIME: 11AM (completion of teams - Clash follows)

Four highly skilled elites within the 3S community come together to take part in 2 FT10 exhibitions.

D.1 - The 4 players invited to take part in this exhibition are: Yi “5star” Wang - Lloyd “Nica KO” Peralta - Yuuki Spencer - Ryan Bracamonte

D.2 - As a result of previous challenges to the format, all bonus prize money has been removed for this year’s headlining event.

Last but not least, I am trying to run an exciting event for a game that we all love. There will be differences of opinions - If you feel very strongly against something, speak up. Make your case. The rules can be amended. The last thing we need in the community is vitriol that cannot be addressed.

Any questions? Feel free to tweet “exodus3rdstrike” or reply here on the event page!


Who are the top 5 players? And who proclaimed them as the top 5?


You would’ve gotten your answer if you just followed the link :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s myself, Nica KO, 5Star, and Yuuki. The 5th player is whoever places the highest in the singles tournament that weekend (that isn’t the aforementioned four). I chose these 4 through a number of criteria, but I feel that it’s largely accurate.


Wouldn’t it make more sense for a Titan to be someone who has won a major?


In a shortsighted sense, sure. However, if you factor in considerations of a tournament organizer, and the overarching skill analysis of players, that criteria is too shallow and holds very little weight. Now numerous tournament wins over a career, that would be more heavily weighted - yet again, isn’t the only determining criteria in my assessment.


pretty cool good luck!


What’s the percentage that we can convince Mr. Gouki to come? :slight_smile:


Wow, I’ll definitely tune in to the stream…I do really want to go.

Is there an online outlet/community people still play this game on? 3SO was dead last time I checked.


Exo put up a fight bro I ain’t flying all the way out there for anything less.looking at the lineup it seems that you would be the underdog… Put that cream all over at least one of their faces. :slight_smile:


Yo I just want for you to come out so we can shake hands like gentlemen. The rest is up in the air :wink:


Clayman people still play 3SOE in both places, but you usually have to match-make through social media/whispers first. Fightcade is popping still.


Xbox 3s is on late at night. Avoid ranked only ass clowns remain.


I’m cumming with 3Nasty


GL khang <3


Jordanskies I only accept wishes of good luck in person. Fly your ass there <3


Allow Shin Gouki and Gill just for fun!


UfcGym will body you guys Kappa


No offense, but I could think of like 3-4 guys who should be in this over the weakest player.


@ryan. Some would agree, some would disagree, but that’s neither here nor there. If those guys are interested in competing, there are ways to qualify. There’s much more involved than your hypothetical “who are the absolute best?”


If said guys came there would only be 1 who would qualify. It’s definitely a deterrent to come.

There should be more than 1 qual spot imo.