Biggest arcade stick yet!

I just saw this in arcade (japan).
It’s for Sega’s “Big Tetris”.
Not sure if it’s Sanwa or Seimitsu, but definitly the biggest arcade stick I have seen.

I’m seeing the world poping with cool sticks but I must say we (Japanese) still got the coolest ones!

it’s pretty loose though, and got 2 funky push buttons on the giant ball top.

Not sure if want. Wonder what type of restrictor gate it’s got in there.

If that stick has a gate, than likely it would have ether a Square or Circular gate, as those 2 would be easier to make from an engineering standpoint.

I bet it’s optical…

I am thinking your right considering how much force can be applied to the base end of that stick. there is some heavy duty I regular micro-switch would be destroyed too quickly. I am also noting the relatively small base in proportions to the rest of the stick, not leaving much room for a mechanical switch that could take the abuse. I am also thinking due to the nature of this stick, and the game it self, it probability a 4 way stick instead of 8 ways (like were used to for fighters), so thinking about it now, its probably a square or plus shape gate.

did anyone see the movie joysticks?? This looks like the same one but joysticks had a clear red ball top!

Haha I played on that thing when I went to Japan. It was in the Sega Joypolis. I believe it had a square gate, but I didn’t really care to remember…