Biggest buff/nerf between games

There was a thread similar to this a long time ago (i.e. years), but it’s gone now.


Biggest buffs:
Mr. Game & Watch (SSBM to SSBB)-This is insane. He goes from bottom tier in Melee to top 5 in Brawl. They decided to make all his aerials broken, his smashes fast and strong, etc.

Biggest nerfs:
Captain Falcon (SSBM to SSBB)-Goes from 6th best character in Melee to worst character in Brawl. They literally destroyed everything that made him good and gave him nothing in return.

Dictator (CE to HF)-Simple. He goes from best character to worst character. They nerfed his two broken moves (among other things I believe) and made him a little more even.

There’s definitely more I’m missing, and before anyone starts saying anything, yes, Smash counts.

no one got nerfed harder than sean from 2i to 3s. thats the most legendary nerf of all time, no questions asked.

Yep, from top to bottom. But personaly I like the 3S Sean more than the 2nd Impact one. Dunno why ^^

Guilty Gear Slash Anji -> AC Anji

Was Sean top tier in SI? What was so good about him?

Steve from 5.0 to dr, They nerfed him, But also gave him more shit to abuse O_o

Kirby From Super Smash Bros to Smash Bros Melee.

Seriously. He went from top to TRASH. He has NOTHING in his arsenal to kill you with, let alone do damage, his moves dont even connect all the way! WTF!?!?

You’re forgetting the main point though.

Brawl is not a fighting game.

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Lol SI:rofl:

You didn’t even mention Brawl, so I’m not sure he was talking about you.

Does ST Akuma to “whatever the next version of Akuma is” count? Or is it just because of completely different systems/casts rather than Akuma himself?

Incredibly fast overhead, quick dash-in, 2-hit SRK and the fact that EVERY-FUCKING-THING linked to super. Picture Ken with a quicker overhead, no fireball and if SA3 did ~40% damage after scaling.

:rofl: He was talking about the OP mentioning Falcon and G&W’s transition to Brawl.

CvS King to CvS2 king was a big nef, same for nak.

Lol, Not you ernest hahahaha.

like i said earlier, you cant find a bigger nerf than sean. its just not possible

I’ll take that challenge!!!

You win!

Alpha 2 dan to the rest of the dans? MSHvSF dans super to everything after?

Kof2k2 Athena to KofXI Athena…top to bottom.

T4 steve to T5 steve was a big buff