Biggest Combo



What is the BIGGEST combo people have managed. Try to keep them simple, and write the number of hits they make after the combo. Other honerable mentions accepted also.

I know this seems similar to the other thread but this one is only for big combos…

Mohammed Ali


No Super:
j.hp,, c.hp xx lk hurricane (or maybe it has to be mk I forget,) juggle with Fierce DP. - 6 hits I think

j.hp,, c.hp xx lvl2 Shoryureppa xx lvl1 Shinkuu Hadouken Juggle with Fierce DP. - 14 hits I think

Note: In the Super combo you can only juggle with DP if they are in the corner.


Most Damaging non-super one I’ve come up with:

j.HP, st. LPx2(close), cr.HK, LK hurricane(1 hit), FP dp(go for the deep first hit).

Works from anywhere on screen and does over 5000 points of damage in C groove with full bar (so I guess take off around 500 points of damage if you’re running on dry).

Strangely the shotos’ close stand jab does a really nice chunk of damage.

You’re more likely to land this off a crossup on a crouching opponent so you can substitute the Fierce for either j. forward or roundhouse (yes Evil Ryu is the only shoto with a decent crossup Roundhouse. It IS different from the others but forward is still more reliable.) And go for crouch jabs instead of shorts if you’re going for damage.


So what would be the max number of hits on C-Groove… I’m trying to get the highest number of hits in a combo for Ryu, or someone else whos worth using. The reason is that my comobos don’t go further than 11 hits :frowning:

Can anyone come up with a mad 30 hit or something???

Mohammed Ali


Hits does not equal more damage. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 2 hit combo, it can still deal fat damage. Ryu is not a multi-hit-ish character, but he still does good damage.

btw - 30 hits would never happen with ryu, outside of A-Groove, I bet you couldn’t get 20.


Wrong :slight_smile:


This combo only works on the guys with 60 dizzy points but here it is.

j.HP, st.LPx2, cr.HKxxLK hurricane, lvl2 shoryureppaXXMK horizontal hurricane in the air, (land) deep HP dp, they go dizzy.

From here you can do a couple of things, here’s my favourite:

-whiff tigerknee reverse LK hurricane (horizontal), whiff LP dpx2
(this string is to build another level 2)

then J.FP,st LPx2, cr HKxx LK hurricane, lvl 2 shoryureppa

then you can finish it off the same way as the last or you can do what I like:

lvl2 reppaxxLP dp, LP dp, FP dp

(you’re juggling with the tip of the 2 jab dragon punches)

If you finish this combo the first way you’ll get over 11000 points of damage and it’s 22 hits.

But, there’s no way to land the second level 2 on decent comp because there’s more than enough time for them to shake out. Short of that you can go j.HP, crHP,lvl 1 shinku hadoken, HP dp.

Have fun trying it out :slight_smile:

Have to edit a few things:

First I found a practical way to get 2 level 2’s in the combo. Off the dizzy do 1 reverse hurricane and 1 whiff dragon then jump in with strong instead of fierce. This should get you enough meter to complete the combo for a grand total of 23 hits.

As for the fierce fierce shinku then fp dragon, that doesn’t seem to work as I thought. You can however space it exactly right to get fierce fierce shinku lk hurricane then fierce dragon but that’s damn hard. So instead you can go Fierce, low forward, shinku, Fierce dragon.

Yes I’m a perfectionist.


Dizzy comboes don’t count lol.


How do you figure they don’t count? I mentioned that there were some inescapable followups too (at least implied).

I can only assume you were joking so in that case forget I said anything. :wink:

Oh and one thing, do you guys find that the dive kick is complete ass in this game? I can’t see myself using it at all.