Biggest Game Pad Converter Ever [Update 1/28/11]

I am thinking of making a Dual Mod Arcade stick that also houses a SNES (or Saturn) adapter. This would most likely be a combination of a Common ground Xbox 360 PCB, and ChImp, a FG Widget Converter, a female end of a SNES (or Saturn) extension cord.

Yes I realize building a controller adapter into a arcade stick is redundant, although changing the ChImp for a MC Cthulhu might be epic.

Dual-Mods are reasonably easy to me, adding a 3rd PCB into the mix shouldn’t be much harder. I just go no clue where to order the FG Widget Converter.

Ether way I going to post the Crazy ass work when I am done.

Do you guys have any suggestions or know where I can get a FG Widget Converter.

I didn’t think it was popular enough for LizardLick to carry, so I havent even talked to Chad about it. Not to mention, its not as n00b friendly as most of my other stuff. Right now, the only place to get them is from me directly. Check the bottom of the first post of the Cthulhu thread, you’ll see it listed for sale along with a link to the welcome sheet that comes with it if you’d like to look it over.

Thanks Toodles

Update on my Project, I going to start with building just a PSX to PS3/Xbox 360 Adapter first before going into something bigger.I am sticking to PSX for now because that is what I have on hand controller wise.

I am later thinking of making this thing a Combined SNES/PSX/Saturn Adapter built into a Arcade Stick. I have to later devise a reliable method of swapping modes on the FG Widget. I more than likely have some kind of jumper system place in the swappable tail ends of the adapter Later on. I got the idea of a multi-input adapter from the FG Widget documentation Toodles provided.

Once I start, I will “TRY” to do a write up this time.

Widget assembled and the Jumper system being planed out.

Sounding more like a work log than a write up, but hey as long as people can follow along.

Alright I got my FG Widget controller adapter in and assembled

Please excuse the quality of this photo, since I taken it with my Phone.

While I am waiting for my SNES and Saturn Controller extension cables, I need a way to devise a hot swamping/ jumper system. We know the SNES as 7 (5 used) pins, and PSX (8 used) and Saturn (all 9 are used) has 9 pins in their controller connectors. On the FG Widget there are solder spots to place the board in SNES or Saturn mode (PSX is default).

So I start with a 9 pins, lets add two more sets of 2 wires (4 total) for the “Jumpers” that would make it 13. So a 15 DB connector would work in this case, allowing me to swap “tail” ends to different controllers and house the jumper with its respective end piece. I will make a trek to Radio Shack for the DB 15 later once the SNES and Saturn cords come in.
I marked the locations of the 2 solder/ jumper points.

I got a nice SSFIV Fight pad that going to be sacrificed for this project, I am debating on a ChImp or go MC Cthulhu. Nothing like a PSX/ SNES / Saturn to Widget to PS2/PS3/Xbox/Xbox 360/SNES/Saturn/Dreamcast/NeoGeo Adapter. Yes I realize some of that sounds redundant, IE PSX to Widger back to PSX.

As what stick this monstrosity is all going in, I have no clue yet, Maybe a TE this time around.

You’ll have to check the wiring as well, but but you can probably get away with a multi-pole multi-position switch.

I Did consider a multi position switch. I wanted to make it a jumper inside a DB 15 connector because it factors out human error once the adapter is complete and ready to use, also I wanted something to swap the different controller connectors. But I will try you idea on paper to see how it works out.

Sorry. Reading is tech. I was thinking in terms of having connectors integrated with the box since I’d scavenged a bunch off of multitaps. If you’re plugging in female extensions, then ‘cable select’ is probably a better way to go. I wonder if it’s worth the trouble to work out a tri-state high/low/float arrangement so you can get away with DB-9 connectors. (Edit: I think the Saturn controllers will pull one of the pins to Vcc.)

What you could do for all three consoles is to have a SPDT switch that is disconnected (off) when centered. The jumpers are simply signals of other buttons right next to a ground terminal. By connecting them, the voltage drops of the specific signal button from high to low. When FGW reads that Select is low, it knows to put into saturn mode. SNES is that L2 button.

So, what you could do to use the converter for all three is connect SPDT switch to ground in center, then L2 on one side, then Select on the other. When centered, it shouldn’t connect ground to anything. This is why it should be a normally off, and not just a normal SPDT. When it switches to one side, the board will “think” that the bridge has been soldered. You must change switch into position before powering the PCB. The normally off part is used for PSX. When it doesn’t read one of these as being grounded, then it defaults to PSX. It wouldn’t hurt it to have all three system cables connected to it at once, since the other two cables won’t be connected to anything, and any of the chatter coming from the other data wires would go to nothing. Though, connecting two at once could cause some bad business…

And you can get away with a DB-9. All of them use 8 or less wires. Pin 6 of Saturn is unused, and it only has 9 pins. PSX uses 7 wires. SNES uses 6. So, you could use RJ-45, too.

The problem is that the signals that are shorted to ground are the same signal lines that can go to buttons. Jumpering the one to use Saturn inputs would look to the connected game PCB as Select always being held down. Instead of hard wiring the jumpers via detachable cables or toggle switch, just hold down the button on the stick itself; If Select is held when the board is powered (i.e. when the stick is plugged into a console), the FGW Converter will go into Saturn mode. If L2 is held, SNES mode.

Then how does it work normally? I mean, I know it’s got it held down, but, does it just not affect anything?

Oh, cool, you only need to hold button for a second. I didn’t know that.

I was thinking of a Cable Select method, hence Why I called it Jumpers because that the word that fitted in my mind.
I did not think of a Button Select Method work work or not, I might try that now.

I am Still waiting on my Saturn extension cord before I start the next phase of my project. Fir testing purposes, I going with a extra barrier strip until I decide on a DB 9, neutrik RJ 45 connector, or I am just going to solder all 3 female ends to the same point.
I also looking for a nice project box to put this all in, but I worry about that later on when I know more about the nature of this beast.

Saturn to Xbox 360 is up

First off, i had some occupational Hazards.

My test lead for my multimeter broke…

And here is my quick “Fix” until I can buy some new test leads.

Here is the FG Widget wired to a Mad Catz Xbox 360 SSF IV FightPad PCB. The Widget is held in place by some 3M Dual Lock Strips.

No I have not tested the SNES mode yet, I am waiting for a SNES controller still.

New Adapter set up for Saturn use

Issue is, the widget is stuck in Saturn mode. I will Look more into it later.

[Edit 1/8/11]
Saturn mode being “stuck” does not seem to be the Jumper spaces on the Widget, since I De-solder wires from both points, and nether side is touching common ground. If I detach the Select wire from the widget the Saturn mode exits, but PSX controllers does not respond then.

Okay, new project update. Wrapping up the device now just as a Saturn to Xbox 360 Adapter :lame: adding PS3 support later, probably chImp or a cheap common ground PS3 PCB.

I ALSO had done fixing/restoring a old SNES console (been repaired, cleaned and moded to play Japanese imports) :woot:

Unfortunately my Desktop was having issues but the mobo is now replaced, everything good now. (it did took precious time and money away).

This means I got to get me a new mother board. :qcf::hp: So my time and money is going into that for now. I will get back to the Biggest Game Pad Converter Via being built into a arcade stick later, for now fixing my desktop is top priority.

Those who was wondering what I was intending to do
Except the controller port in front would be a working Controller port.

And not to disappoint anyone but I still going though with the project, it is just on the back burner for now.

I will post the completed adapter, when I have the chance. Making a stand alone adapter first will ofter me some experience and a prototype to base my stick project around.

Okay I am back on this project. I will soon have what I need to make the stand-alone adapter which I doing first.
The project box I got for it, it is Xbox-Huge, since I wanted a project box that could properly contain a Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Xbox 360 Fight Pad PCB. I am swapping the ChImp in my Gundam stick for a MC Cthulhu + Imp. I doing this because I want the stick to be compatible with my SNES and Dreamcast. This will free up the ChImp for the Adapter. The Project box messures 6" by 4 1/2" and 2 inches high, so it already be huge for Adapter standards. Living up to the name of Biggest Game Pad Converter Ever.

After this goes with out a hitch is when I will plan out the Adapter-in-a-stick, I am debating on a new stick or installing this in a preexisting stick. I also have a Dreamcast stick I am in the process of repair which is a candidate, or I can try to squeeze the adapter into my Gundam Stick. Which would require me to drill into a nice foe-hammer case.

i will be following this, I’m dying for a working snes to ps3 converter, i don’t care if its expensive if it works, I’m sold. (Better than me learning a stick)

Well the work up is already done before. It uses Toodles FG Widgit converter (not to be confused with the LED Widget). I just trying to expand apond it.
It can convert SNES, PlayStation or Sega Saturn to output that can ether be used straight as a Neo Geo adapter, or piggy back to an existing controller that’s common ground like Xbox 360 or PS3. I got it to work off a Mad Catz SSF 4 360 PCB, its just in a unfinished and disassembled state.

The FGW converter can also be used to “console-ized” arcade motherboards(similar idea to the supergun). Popular console mother boards to console-ize are Neo Geo, Capcom’s CP2 and CP3 boards, Sega’s Titan, Naomi, Naomi 2, Trifoce (with Nintendo and Namco contributing) and a few others who use Cartage or Discs to change the game on the motherboard.