Biggest Lag Abuser Ever (Hatemail & Keyboard Shinanigans)

This is not a new or interesting thread but I’m going to post it anyway with intention of drawing some fun out of it - Anytime I get annoyed by something minor that is my instant reaction, to try and lighten things up.

As people may or may not know I’m as casual as they get, not able to play regularly with my community, never played an Offline match in my life, never have and likely never will ever see a tourny nevermind compete in one - Since I bought SF4 I’ve tried, with the limited playtime and poor PC/30 FPS/Keyboard Controller I have to learn and enjoy Balrog as a character - However all along my journy of learning there have been several occasions where people, win or lose, throw their hate my way. What irkes me the most is that I consider myself to be absolutely terrible at SF4 hence I can’t fathom how some people genuinely, or stupidly, believe I’m actually cheating to beat them.

Wether it’s aimed at me specifically as a player or aimed at my choice of character (Balrog surely gets a lot of hate due to his relatively high placing when it comes to low/medium level SF4) matters not - I pride myself on being a dedicated, honorable gamer who loathes and despises things such as hacks and cheats, so to be accused of using them (beit ridiculous claims or legitimate assumption) gets right up my nose.

On one occasion I had a Fei-Long player accuse me of Auto-Fire and Invincibility Hacking because my moves (HB/TAP) where going through his moves - Now THAT I can laugh at and ignore as it’s blatant ignorance to the mechanics of the game, but to be called a lag abuser on multiple occasions by varied people is starting to annoy me even though I know better than to let the rantings of online randoms get me down.

I compiled a movie containing the threat title topic, of which was sent to me after the fight in the movie - The reason being that I’m that type of person who tries to MAKE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND what it was they think was an abused ‘cheat’ and hopefully educate them into the true nature but as we all know most people capable of spouting instant hate on losses often don’t want to listen. I dunno, I may be suprised and people here might point out something I’m unaware of… Yes I use Fixed Framerates!


Seriously, can someone tell me what I abused, apart from meaty DLSx3 when I noticed he had given up in the final round? NOTE: You absolutely DO NOT have to even consider clicking the link and watching the movie to understand and take part in the thread - I’m actually very embarassed by these movies as I’m not exactly PR Balrog or MaedaTaison, I’m just a learner :confused:

So here’s the fun part, say on the above what you will but I’d like to think this thread can be used for people to tell their stories of hate-recieved, funny/serious, aimed at you as a player? Aimed at you using Balrog?

It’s not a new concept but I figure I have to make something fun out of it otherwise I’ll roll my eyes so hard I’ll be able to see the back of my own head.

He’s an idiot.

watches vid You did that on keyboard!? applause Good job! Ignore the haters.

Hey RopeDrink, I believe I’ve been on the recieving end of some of those punches. I am pretty certain you destroyed me pretty badly as well. We should have a few matches sometime.

Quite frankly, he complains because you are a much better player and thus beat him. Unfortunately, the world is full of moronic people who will make these kind of excuses. The only option is to ignore them.

An example: After 6000+ matches online, my reputation tracked by GFWL says that 49% of those I played set me as not recommended due to bad sportsmanship. Some also set me as a trashtalker and agressive, which is absurd considering I never use my headset and never fling bull at anyone. These people are no doubt the guys who jump back and fireball the whole match then complain about me being a turtle when I walk towards them and, wait for it, block their shoryuken. Some people totally lack the ability to see what they are doing and why they are losing. Instead of finding out why, they make excuses and blame the opponent.

I feel we are very much in the same boat with regards to never playing offline and having no tournament scene. As for the controller, a good keyboard is a great controller for SF4. Personally I would say so for most fighting games, but especially so with SF4’s lenient inputs.

As always, listen to the good players, ignore the scrubs, haters, and excuse-mongers.

LOL, fought that guy a few days ago … dude’s just salty, for sure. Though to be honest if you’re in Ireland it probably wasn’t the best connection to begin with.

Good match on your part. Shitty on his. I hate online more than anything. For some reason I just can’t get in the right mentality and I get frustrated. But in local tournament and casuals I have no problem.

Yea. I stopped playing online cause of the ridiculous lag. The only area I get no lag is in Players matches. but I play on PC. I also get alot of people complain about Balrog but there is almost something to complain against every character.

Same here, I have my MIC Muted and only send GG messages, but I’ve still a high percentage of TrashTalk Rep, lots of ‘Unsupporting Conduct’ (About 45%) and multiple other bad rep… I bad-rep people only in extreme cases when there are blatant issues and only for those that do not show up in percentages (HiddenRep) to a) prevent the liklihood of encountering that problem and b) Not to tarnish their reputation card, but not many people go about it that way it seems, most use it as some sort of punishment against people who beat them.

Really? I don’t remember the name, is it the same as your tag? Who do you play as? If the connection was stable (if it was definately me you remember) then I’ll gladly play more games sometime, never shy from filling my Friends list with respectable players to practice with so give me a shout and we can test it sometime.

When I first started playing I considered the Keyboard to be a handicap but that was mostly due to knowing that Fighting games aren’t designed to be played on them and that I used to adore Arcade/Console fighting games in my tender years thus used to Pads & Sticks… However as I adapted I realised it certainly isn’t all that bad, especially for charge characters - I play against a person online called “Cireee” who uses a hefty chunk of the cast (Balrog main) but his Akuma is an absolute nightmare - Also a keyboard player - There’s plenty of stories of many shoto character/keyboard players doing well as far back as 3S so I guess it could be worse :wink:

The only downside with me and the Keyboard is I have poor reaction time and there are occasions I fumble my buttons pretty badly (mispresses) but I wager that can happen on any controller if you’re succeptable to pressure.

Well it was a 4-Bar - The first game had a little slowdown at the start but once we got into it we had 1.95 games of relative smoothness - I certainly didn’t feel any lag in the game at all and from the movie things look very smooth - Being in Ireland doesn’t help of course, because even some UK connections are poor nevermind anyone else from the EU - Trying to play people in the US is a big no no as it’s 2-bars at best :confused:

I wish I could play offline for practice locally - There’s plenty of tournies and events happening in Ireland (In Dublin, though, and I’m in Galway and unable to travel for them all that regularly) and I’ve nobody in my area who plays the game (house matches) so I can only play Online, sadly.

Either way, thanks for the comments so far folks - I try not to take it too seriously but there are times it just builds up and I need to vent it out, and in venting I try to make it fun - I’ve yet to see other people’s stories regarding this kind of hate so feel free to share if you have any - Im sure we ALL get it at times!

I have to ask, what defines a “lag cheater?” He had enough time to block. I bet he’s just salty.

Nice keyboard Boxer you’ve got there.

Thank you, though I still consider myself as poor - I scour this forum very regularly for tips and always look at the pro movies for inspiration. I’ve no concept of OptionSelects, OS teching, no spacing and I’ve no footsies - I rely more on being in someones face and aggressive or unviable tricks (Jumping over shotos on wakeup expecting them to SRK, TAP>EXHeadbutt Ultra etc) rather than skill - I try not to be self depreciating but I can’t help it.

Here’s an example of an actual laggy game - And this is against a fellow Irish player nevermind people outside of the country :frowning:

If a game was like that and I abused throws I could understand a bit of anger, but it wasn’t even close to laggy in the movie I posted in the topic.

I assumed he was bitter about the 3xDLStraights at the end but someone on YouTube commented about tick-throws - I do throw a LOT as I find its one of Balrogs staple points in a fight and other people in the past (Some random, some who I spar with regularly) commented that it’s a lot harder for them to tech my throws due to the lag so that could be it as well - Ultimately I’ve no idea, really - I thought I fought fairly.


  1. That was a pretty standard beating.
  2. You don’t give yourself enough credit for being good. You recognize spacing, and know the Rog fundamentals just as good as anybody.

We didn’t see what was goin on from his end to even play devils advocate, so I wouldn’t read into it too much.

Rope, what’s stopping you from trying out a joystick? I think you’d be even MORE dangerous. I thought I was a die hard pad player till I actually gave it a whirl just for the sake of not being stubborn. Haven’t looked back. It’s fun as hell too.

P.S. when you’re able to say you’ve influenced better play in other people you transcend the game bro. Guys like you and Xaaz have significantly descrubified a lot of people w/ contributions (including myself).

I may have posted some combo movies and tried to contribute discussions and fun topics but Xaaz has posted far more helpful and broken down material, movies and discussions as I’m sure he understands the game much better than I do. I may be self-depreciating and not care for giving myself credit but on the flipside I do realise that ANYONE who hits the training room can eventually record some big combos and make a movie out of it - I dont really think much of what I’ve posted here, though I do love to think I can try to help people even though I’m also just a regular learner, it’s why I’m here ^^

Thing with me is this is my normal method of posting - I recognize forums are for ‘discussions’ and that is what I use it for so I (try to) keep garbage posts to a minimum and contribute stuff to talk about - Like this thread… I could have come on and just posted a hate-fest of frustration about this’n’that but I like to make something out of these things hence I’m here to talk with other people about their hatred stories and have some fun with the tales of woe some of us may have when it comes to other people hating on us, beit just as players or because we chose Balrog.

I don’t recognize spacing, truly - I know what it is and I know it’s there but I’ve never ‘really’ learnt it - I keep my own distance based on who I’m playing but it’s never optimal / on par with proper spacing. I’m usually just 2-steps away from a Shoto player (Not always good), while a good bit further than Lgt.DashPunch distance away from Zangief (Ok but also not too great) - I never really studied spacing much but I’ve seen how other players go about it and realise I could improve it. I do understand a decent bit about Balrog mechanics and some fundamentals but I’m useless in nitty gritty gory details like OSelects, FrameData, Priorities etc

Reason I’m not too big into them is because I’m casual - When I boot up SF4 it’s so I can get my Boxing Gloves on and try a few fights, have some fun, hopefully pull out a few wins then call it a day and that is probably another reason why I can sometimes get annoyed by above type of comments regarding cheating etc I can’t see how cheating would ever be fun (but thats just me), I’m just trying to enjoy the game in my own little way and sometimes people just throw in their spanner because they’re bitter or whatever reason :confused:

Knowledge of frame data is not neccesary to b a good player. You don’t have to do the academic approach and research every fancy term to be good. An example of this is Alex Valle, who says in one of his tutorial vids hosted at that he never cared about reading frame data and the like, but still is a great player. You claim you don’t know footsies, but I’ve seen from your replays that you make good use of wavering back and forth with the sweep, which is a big part of the footsie game, with Boxer especially so.

I’ve played you as “God two nil”. You might not remember, but I am certain it was you. I main Dictator and Claw, and also use Gouken, Honda, Ken, and sometimes play around with Guile, Dan, and Gouki. (In that order of frequency)

Ahhh I remember that tag indeed though my memory of the matches themselves are a bit hazy - Wouldn’t say no to more Bison experience, I know it’s an even matchup but there’s 1-2 players who have a specific style that really dismantle my Boxer.

You’re right with the sweep, I do love backdash>sweep or sweep in general but when I overuse it it’s often asking for FocusCrumple punishes so it really does depend on the opponent, if they keep eating it like the person in the movie I linked in the first post, I’m going to be using it a damn lot - Other than that you’ll find my footsies aren’t too hot (barely existant) as I’m often too busy pushing into people’s face with jabs as opposed to looking for punishable normals etc

Still, I do recognize most of my faults so I’ll keep practicing but again, given I play only 1-2 hours a week, it’s not a lot of time to learn at a great speed hence I don’t honestly think I’m all that hot despite having a mediocre understanding of the character - Could be worse though I guess and I really appreciate your feedback, why not add me to your GFWL list (It’s just RopeDrink) and maybe we can organize some friendlies sometime.

I also record every game as I need to reduce the FPS down to what Im used to so if you want any matchup evaluation movies feel free to let me know.

You’re a hard chap to compliment and have deceptive humbleness. You’re not fooling I good sir. LOL.

The simple fact that you’re keyboarding says enough for me. I can’t even fathom playing like that.

I appreciate your comments and I always appreciate compliments, I just don’t accept them is all :wink:

I’m impossible to compliment, it’s my nature and not all game related, just how I am as a person, not a very confident person and another reason why insults and hate messages can sometimes rag on me a bit more than the more hardy or lighthearted person. Regarding the humbleness, there is one core underlining factor as to why I never accept I’m all that good and that is because I bought this game after watching all the AI Ranbat / multiple professional tourny movies and getting a general view of how the pro’s play… Then I look at my own movies and, well… Obviously I pale in comparison as one would expect as a casual.

Thats yet another reason things can irk me a bit, being a casual fun lover and yet logging on for a bit of fun has on many occasions resulted in randoms just not taking stock of the fact that it’s a game and going out of their way to make it miserable for other people when they, god forbid, lose a match in SF4.

The Keyboard isn’t too big a handicap, really - It’s extremely sexy for charge characters as a majority of the moves can be performed without releasing the charge-direction meaning I was charge buffering ALL the time ever since I bought the game, before I even knew what charge buffering actually was in the first place - The downside is that it’s big, clunky and you really have to work hard to find keys that suit your hand positions - Ontop of that, if you’re like me and don’t have a gaming keyboard, holding down a certain amount of buttons at once will result in nothing coming out at all - This has lost me a few games at times or flustered me enough that I play a batch of very bad rounds in a row but hey, thats just how it goes.

Just to give a basic example - Anytime you see me perform an Ultra, I never charge back/f/b/f/3xPK

I simply double tap forward and the 3xPK button seeing as 95% of the game I’m always holding back anyways - On that note my reaction times are poor - With the above in mind I SHOULD by now be able to Ultra against jumpins at punishable angles (Non crossup jumpins) but thats one of many things I’ve yet to get a grasp of - I also struggle with dash-ultras because you DO have to let go of the back button to dash :bgrin: Those are problems with my own style and learning as opposed to the Keyboard.

I’d agree with you if I was a Shoto or Circle motion character but as said I know many MANY people who play extremely vicious QC characters on Keyboard - The only one I can’t see being viable is Zangief and that is also going to be a problem in Super considering Balrog’s Dirty Bull input but I doubt many people will be using that Ultra anyways - Keyboard isn’t all that bad, really.

Actually, standing 360 is very easy on a keyboard once you get the hang of it. Just do a HCF or HCB motion, then press directly up without touching any diagonals, and there you go. Now 720 is a bit harder, but is also pretty easy to perform in this game since most moves take so much time to complete their animation in this game, laving you ample time to buffer. The move buffer also lasts forever in this game compared to some other fighting games like The Last Blade 2. Boxer’s ultra 2 might be reason for me to start using him. (Because his current ultra is extremely uninteresting)

There is one kind of move that I don’t like on a keyboard, and that is moves with a TAP command. These can be really bad on keyboard because they make lockups more likely.

Considering GFWL/PC allows for the binding of 3xP/3xP you simply hold down one button - All my EX Moves, Ultras and TAP can pretty much be performed via a single button per Hit Type (Punch / Kick).

Without binding a key then yes, you’re going to cripple yourself with lockouts holding 3 attack buttons down ontop of direction keys without a gaming keyboard.

Seeing as this thread contains multiple branched off discussions I’ve renamed it Hatemail & Keyboard Shinanigans - It doesn’t fix the issue but at least it takes a bit of leeway off from the thread risking being a complete off-topic discussion seeing as it was originally about Hatemail, not that I helped keep it on track to begin with >.< Still, it’d save me trying to prune it and/or making a new thread about Keyboard Boxer!

I’ll link a few of the more fun (not-depressing hate mail type) movies I recorded of play seeing as some people seem a bit suprised by it - Personally I don’t think it’s all that much different to other controllers and you’d be suprised how many of us Keyboard players our out there, though I don’t doubt that the Stick is No.1 in terms of SF4 and most FGames in general.

Keyboard Shinanigans:
The last clip vs Seth may not look like much but it’s just there to show charge buffering as it’s a Lv3FCrumple into forward dash headbutt.

Keyboard Combo Vid:
Took me a long time to adapt to RU loops and the likes - Obviously once I got it down it made me want to record tonnes of movies - I think this is ‘before’ the one I made specifically for SRK (70+ combos in the other one and a lot smoother) but aye, there’s no combo too difficult to do just because you use a Keyboard, though I do struggle with cancels at times.