Biggest non boss sprite?

Does anyone know who the biggest playable character sprite belongs to? Hauzer from CFJ?

Earthquake from SS2 maybe and also Hugo in SvC Chaos.

That big monster thing in Samurai Shodown? Kusuragedo (sp)?

Menos Grande from bleach DS

So big that ridiculous shit chained on it

I forget if it was a boss or not though

Oh yea forgot about that guy ha. Yea you can do rejump infinite combos on his ass kinda like Sentinel in MvC2.

Hugo is actually taller in SvC then he is in SF3… Kinda suprising.

Juggernaut is also huge from Marvel games.

that dude takes up like 50% of the screen:looney:

Sentinel? Gold Lightan?

Sentinel is big also, but Gold Lightan is a 3d model, not a sprite.

Yeah… has to be him.

That dude is way too big.

It should be a tie between Hugo in SvC and Gedo.

Earthquake was huge.

Look how big he is, characters like Juggernaut are big but so are the other characters in respect to him, this dude just towers over everyone in the game.

Catherine has a pretty huge mecha.

But nothing beats Gedo. =/

Good point!

some huge gundam in gundam battle assault 1 or 2.

Like this?

Or this?

Or possibly this?

I haven’t played the game so I’m not sure which one of these are boss characters if any at all.

Q-Mantha is not that big and the other two are boss characters.

everything from art of fighting 1?

Sentinel is composed of more then a single sprite isn’t he?