Biggest scrubs you've come across?


In my book, Bad Mammer, jomile, and DrGreenThumb NZ are by far the biggest, most retarded scrubs I’ve ever had the displeasure of playing against.

List your worst player experiences below.


were they just not good players? i disagree with talking shit about someone just because they’re not quite as good at the game as you are.

there’s a bad games thread in the online forums in the case they were talking shit on the mic or dropping or whatever.


Hm, yeah, I would only willingly expose players who rage-quit and talk crap (I think that’s what Zealous is going for). It is definitely not a crime to suck at this game, I’m sure we’ve all been there at some point.




I’m not bashing anybody who isn’t as good as me, I’m simply listing the arrogant, turbo-using scrubs.


I really don’t care what you or somene else may say to me after this, but OP… who really GIVES A FUCK man?

Seriously? And it isn’t cool to mention their names like that especially if they haven’t been playing the game for that long. Scrubs, noobs, or whatever the hella you wanna call them - they most likely have lives to tend to and can’t commit as much time as a dedicated player may. They’re having fun. Let them. Unless they were COMPLETE ASSHOLES (which you didn’t mention they were).

Don’t ruin people’s fun for not being as good as you.

I honestly can’t express how immature it is to mention names though dude. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t sit well if your name was mentioned for not cleaning your ass in the shower and cumming prematurely with a tiny penis, all the while being mentioned in front of girls you’re trying to impress.

I’m not hating on you OP. I’m just saying. To other people it could just be something for them to kill time with. Or it could be that they really like the game with no one to guide them. If we were all to act more maturely about games and the community it’d be a better place.

I don’t even play this game.
This thread’s worthless


Did you read the above post, you dunce? I AM listing them because they were obtuse dickheads.
If they were really playing the game for recreation then why the fuck would they feel the need to cheat?

Lastly, what the fuck does “OP” mean?


Original Poster. This game was fun when it was played by Psykup, Rambo xxx, and a few others. Best audio messages I’ve ever gotten, lol.


nars was operating under the same pretext i was. it was unclear as to why you were calling them scrubs.


Yeah, but at least you had an excuse. nars posted CLEARLY UNDER the post in which I clarified my intentions with this thread.


If they’re using turbo then let them. Who cares? Are there rules to playing games “online”? If it’s fun for them let 'em dude. Instead of YOU criticizing how they play why don’t you AVOID them next time? Are you even for sure they’re using turbo? They could be mashing buttons - and even for that, who cares dude?

You lost to them didn’t you. I’m not even going to put a question mark behind that.

Just play the game bro. It’s because of you people don’t play certain games. Whether you like it or not, people like you make a HUGE impact on other gamers. IF YOU FEEL THEY’RE PUTTING YOUR PRIDE AT STAKE THEN HIT THEM BACK IN THE GAME.
Don’t post on a forum with their fucking screen names. That’s just low and pussy as fuck. It’s childish yo. You do understand that there’s no “pro filter” right? Kids, older folks who wanna try the new game out because of its nostalgia, and probably their wives play.

But like I was saying, it’s because of people like you that people don’t appreciate/enjoy the online experience like they should. Regardless of what game it is.

Rather than coming out on your first post with people’s names why don’t you just question the fact that there aren’t that many good players to this game or it’s original version? If you can’t see the answer to that question then you really need to question your motives in everything else you do.

This is supposed to be a community. Not communism. They paid for their copy let them play with whatever tactics they want to. Even if they piss you off don’t go blasting it on here thinking SRK is your personal army. Keep “general” next time, and don’t point names out. It’s childish.


Anyone who still plays this game is the biggest scrub I’ve come across.


Go tell that to all the other ‘scrubs’ that play this game. They pretty much all agree that SFIV/SSFIV is an overrated, slow turd.


Attention all other ‘scrubs’ that play this game. If you still play this game, you are the biggest scrub I’ve come across.


I confess to being a pretty big scrub. I have waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more loses then I do wins.


This is not a healthy thread.


I agree, Keefe, but I will keep it up regardless.


Dude like, lol, take it easy. Its just another shit talk thread on a part of SRK that could really use any kind of entertainment it can get (to me at least. But I haven’t be around for a while so meh). You don’t have much room telling him to AVOID talking smack about douche bag players when you can *AVOID *the freaking thread. The people he named ARE scrubs anyway (GreenThumbz).


this will end in tears.


Since I’m pretty sure the guys I will refer to do not have SRK accounts (mostly because I’ve never played them in SF or Mahvel), I will speak of these scrubs with no hesitation.

2009, Soul Calibur IV tournament, I had been playing Broken Destiny for all of 6 weeks when I figured I’d see how far I’d come with Astaroth. I’m doing casuals with Astaroth and Zasalamel when this guy comes in feeling himself with his Raphael. He asked if I wanted to go and I said sure. So we tangle, and though he gave me some trouble, eventually I started feeling myself and getting a win lead in our set. He proclaims after his second or third loss, “It’s an insult for Raphael to lose to Astaroth!”

Fast forward to a little under a month later: Tekken 6 had just been released, and Best Buy was holding a game kiosk with the newly-released Tekken 6 as a tournament. So I’m playing as Heihachi with my Day 2 juggles when this pompous dude that drove me crazy in this Philosophy 101 class I had the year before sees Tekken and proclaims as he sits down next to me, “I am DEADLY with Yoshimitsu.” The comedy only continued at the loading screen when he said goofily, “I will assist your suicide!” Now, maybe in his weird counter-culture, “deadly” means the same as “free” because I walloped him pretty hard and almost got a triple-perfect. Then when I faced him again in the actual tournament, he picked Jack.

So much for Manji Ninjutsu…