Biggest scrubs you've come across?


Its funny you say that because you have rage quit on me before. I am not saying you are a bad player, but it was a definate rage quit never the less. My Sim vs your Guile and you DC’d just before I got the win. Jus sayin.


Might have been a desync. I don’t quit unless it’s a good Akuma.


Wrong forum but goddamn I want me some CvS2 on XBL.


baklakiller always lose to me!!!


besides the tons of Akumas, I remember some Fei Long from China, he was hilarious, always teleporting n doing crazy rollback shit, his name was C-Virus, C stands for Chinese?


Fei long can teleport? :wow:


yeah, teleporting happens when that Fei has 300ms of ping :stuck_out_tongue:


For being in china is english hatemail was spot on.

I kinda think he was just cheating cause I only knew of one person that didn’t have a bad connection with him.

Or, he was on dialup.


Man, I remember going to Sam’s Club and finding this really nice scrub head for a mop. I bought it in a heart beat and now my bathrooms and kitchen floors are super clean.


he learned how to copy n paste, maybe?
his english was more of kinder garden, he was a funny guy, I mean, I almost could smell his desperation lol


Highly doubt anyone can argue this one.



Lol, pretty sure he was one of those racist types from the hatemail I got from him.


Everyone’s racist in China. Everyone. If you’re a foreigner in their country, you’re either a) chinese, b) other type of non-important Asian, c) white, d) black/mexican.

They like A the most, and like each subsequent letter less and less.


From the stuff I seen online,

this guy was like the xbox live rambo guy, and obamaoreo guy

That’s kinda what i mean.


I can’t remember this kids gamertag, but I remember playing a guy who was obviously using turbo. I messaged him something along the lines of “Turbo is for scrubs” and he was all “I dun use teh turrboe, wot is turrboe?” I replied “Dude, I have display input on and no one can press punch that fast.” So thinking he was caught, he confessed and once I revealed there was no input display “add-ons” he quit replying. Thought it was hilarious.


That is awesome. I cried at this to be fair.


christ. what a night.


I’ve had some people say some pretty nasty shit to me, but dear god


Two guys on my PSN friend list ragequit on me, and one is flipping out on me as I type this. Off my list they go. RED-OPTICS-2099 and then now evilgrip.

I admit I also flip out some times but I try to refrain from going off on guys on my list at least.

I was grabbing a lot but I gotta take what I can get as Chun.


pinkfloydzx is a ragequitter. I beat him twice, he quit, bitched at me then unfriended me. Some people…