Biggest Threat?


Alright the final patch notes are in guys. Whats your Top 10?


1 = Akuma

Oh… Wait!

In all seriousness, it’s far to early to judge a full top 10, hell a top 3 would be tough. If i were to fathom a guess i’d say

1 = Viper

Removal of throw invuln during EX Seismo isa big nerf, but the buff to her HP Thunder (throw invuln) as well as the minor buff to her EX Flame are far less superficial than Feis trivial buffs.

2 = Sagat

No nerfs, minor buffs

3 = Balrog

No real nerfs is a big strength, i think he will do well… I think most will disagree with me :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally believe Yun & Yang have been overnerf’d… But time will no doubt tell.**


Isn’t there already thread for this? In any case, I don’t think there’s any way of knowing who the top characters are going to be in this game quite yet. Some characters were only weak because they did poorly against Hong Kong. Noone could even decide what the top tier of SSFIV looked like, and some characters didn’t even get a chance to be explored fully in AE because they lost so hard to the twins or Fei.

Since many characters just reverted back to their Super status, while others have been completely buffed + the fact that you have 2 new chars who might finally be contenders, and the nerfage of the Hong Kong trio, it’s virtually impossible to say who is going to run v2012.