Biggest Three X-Box Live complaints

In my few months of X-box live play, its been pretty darn nice overall, but with a few cons. The biggest of these imo are:

#1- the first one should be obvious, ragequitting. Lame.

#2- Waiting for the other player to pick first. How sad is this? It happens so REGULARLY that its practically a given that AT LEAST a few who do it are reading this message. To those guys, just pick whatever mainstay team you practice! If your skills are worth a damn to begin with, chances are you’ll be able to put up a respectable effort in many instances no matter who the opponent has. Waiting for them to pick first is a newb-level of pitiful.

#3- “humping” the players dead body after winning. Wow this is actually worse than the first two. Seriously, anyone here who does this can suck a hard one. I don’t care how good you are.

On a side note it is hilarious how occasionally some players will be doing the hump motion, but be no where near me. Like they are humping the ground LOL! :rofl:

Simple ways to fix this? For the first one in a future update, just award the win to whomevers connection remained on before the quit, as they were likely winning. Sure there might be some instances where the connection honestly crapped out, but thats kinda rare. In 96% of cases its a ragequit, simple. Marvel online is kinda sturrborn, no matter how bad one players connection is(constant character teleport), it usually stays on till the bitter end and won’t disconnect.

Second, blind picking! HD remix has this, why not marvel?

Third, simply disable the option to regain character control after a match has ended. No big loss here nor does it effect the game, and too many abuse it.

Fixing these three issues alone would make an already great X-Box live experience even better. Anyone else have other ideas?

I don’t think humping is that big of an issue. I find it funny.

But I think sometimes people think I am tea bagging them when I stand away from them and duck. Im not doing the up and down motion Im just crouching. . . I do that when Im trying to say GGs or that was a good match. I thought of it like bowing kinda but I think some people might think I’m humping them from across the screen.

I’d put the second one as my biggest problem. Blind picks would be nice.

#1 - Actually, you usually do get the win when the other guy ragequits.

#2 - I know a lot of players just wait for the other guy to pick to see if they’re going to pick a good team or not. If the other guy is picking Guile/Jin/Ryu, I don’t really want to run a top-tier team against him. But blind pick would still be cool.

#3 - Just win and you won’t have to worry about it. :wgrin:

#2 is my biggest complaint. I hate it when we are playing low tier, somebody comes in and plays a scrubby top tier team abusing lag. Somehow scrape out a win, quit and then send hatemail. Lots of these people put their online status as offline making impossible to follow that person.

idk i dont tea bag but i do almost always do something to the body at eh end like super combo or air combo or something. juggling the body is a skill and i LOVE doing it at the end, besides if i beat them i earned the right to beat up their body but usually on good opponents ill just leave the after ko as it is

ragequitting is pitiful yet hilarious i think its funny everytime, and blind picking meh doesnt bother me that much if someone wants to wait ill just pull out my scrub or santhrax and try my best sometimes though when someone picks some lower tier it makes me want to do the same, imho makes it more interesting char that ppl see every match

It’d be interesting to see how blind picking would work in mvc2 i mean you have 3 slots and a lot of chars.
I find number 3 to be the most annoying whenever i play a team like scrub on player match they like to win then hump then quit send mail etc but whenever i win i usually just keep the body in the air like KUSH does . Ive had some people quit at the select screen whenever they see me pick MSS or MSdoom, i especially hate when they quit at the last second and call me a scrub for trijumping them “too much” i just fought someone today who said “the game was not meant to be played using resets”… wtf!!

  1. This has been happening to me like crazy lately. Oh well, free win for me.
  2. This is annoying, but I’m guilty of it sometimes if I’m playing low tier.
  3. Sometimes guilty, but only when it’s a runaway Iceman or runaway Cable. Sometimes you just gotta drop a nut or two in their mouth.

Just like its done in HD remix. Invisible cursor + question mark symbols where the chosen character portraits are(question marks in place of assist names too when choosing, or just make that invisible altogether too).

Would not be hard.

Sadly i’d have to agree with 3. Its rare but sometimes when i run into a crazy obnoxious player(iceman, etc), and i overcome their spam to win. Yeah they’re getting it after. Again not often, and only when i’m super pissed.

I know that makes me look like a bit of a hypocrite lol, i still don’t condone that kinda behavior.

I always pick Magneto First, And if they still want to wait ill just pick cable instead of MIP

i only teabag under two situations:

  1. middle of a ranked match and they beat one char and teabag and i end up winning. sort of a “dont count your eggs before they hatch” thing.

  2. on friendly, im playing for improvement, but some of these niggas take it super serious and teabag after a win. if they dont leave after (id say about 90% of teabaggers on friendly will leave after they teabag) and i win the next match, yeah, they gettin taint on they forehead. wavedash>mash down

teabaging for sure. don’t care about people that RQ (chances are they’ll never improve) and the waiting to pick? don’t really care either just pick your team if you play smart (even if they pick counter characters) then you’ll beat them

I only get frustrated about teabagging after the match because I like watching people do cool dead body combos.

I’d love to see people unable to begin a new game until a 10m timeout from their last ragequit. I’ve heard a rumor that that kind of is possible. Of course that can screw both players, though.

People teabag in the middle of matches too. And most OG marvel players have great post-match combos. That’s not really hurting anyone so much as reminding you who you don’t like to play against.

If I see people waiting till after I pick, I just go ahead and pick team Scrub and watch them quit.

I wish I could do dead-body combos after I win a match. I’d also like to be able to teabag the people that teabag me after they kill one of my characters, just hold up-back and call out assists all match or people who have teabagged me in the past. I can’t though because I don’t have a start button on my stick right now.

Yeah the rage quitting is insane, also hate when the screen freezes after there’s a “player error”. There’s been people who were actually decent and beat me sometimes then I played them again and they ragequit because they weren’t going to get the win. This also happens when they pick top tiers and I’m using low tiers usually. I hope this shit doesn’t happen with Mvc3 when it comes out Capcom seriously should do something about these problems, they should add a way to be able to see the ragequits and gamertags like in ssf4. That way you can just kick the fuckers out if you see they have a big ass ragequit percentage or they’ve ragequit on you.

Aman to this brother

It’s strange when you play people who are good at the game, but then suddenly rage quit on you when they’re about to lose…

…In a Player Match. o___o I think, “Gee, your pride can’t handle a single loss?”

Yup that was something i was surprised at earlier. When we picture ragequitters, they’re usually newbie types that can’t handle a loss, right?

However, i’ve gone up against many a decent skilled player, i’d imagine HAD to of been playing for at least a few years or so straight if they could give me a fair challenge, and yet despite non-newb status they ragequit when i’m winning.

Thats unfortunate.