Biggzy vs. SooMighty $$$ match results

Well short and sweet it goes like this.

CvS2: Free, I won’t even explain how bad I bent him over in this.

Biggzy defeats Soo 3-0

MvC2: This was close, but now Soomighty should never post again, after losing to someone like myself.

Biggzy defeats Soo 3-1

MSP did decent against Blackheart, Cable, Cyclops. He got one lucky match with a snapback into randomness combo, the other matches were a joke, especially when he called timeout to ask Potter for advice.

Someone please post the vids of this crime.

i love biggzy in so many ways, maybe even physically!

Jae’s my hero and coach, the best fucking strategy ever, “don’t get hit”. This may be the only reason I raped Soo. :smiley:

Dang nice one man.

Good Job man

Good shit Biggz

Where u guys play at?

biggzy, you were at evo?!?!

is this some kind of a joke, or am i just missing something…

ditto, could someone else verify this. btw, i’m not doubting or undermining your skill biggzy just i want to know for sure :wink:


to my knowledge he didnt go to evo, thats why I am wondering where they played at

they didnt play. that fat fuck biggzy couldnt book 2 seats for a plane.

man that is just low biggzy. :lame:

is this 4 real?? :lol:

shows how much he’s on da nutz! lol

Biggzy = BillWalton ??
I personly think so.

I think he just woke up and thought it was all real.

Ha Ha…:lol:


wtf. lol. I didnt think you can stoop any lower. but Im not surprised. its not like you didnt make dumb shit up before. but damn this is pretty lame.

bet me instead of soo …