BIGWORM's av request thread (v.SRK)

Yep. I finally decided to open it. I have/had an av request over at Tekken Zaibatsu, but it’s pretty much dead/quiet for the moment. I’ve been using PS for 6 years now, and have been doing avies on TZ for 2, so you’ll know my shit’s HQ.

Some work:

Plenty more where that came from. Anyways, I just have a small (huge?) rule:

  1. No animated avs.

It’s just a momentary thing, till I start diving into IR, which’ll be in the near future. Just make sure you state prem or non-prem size, and if you can, provide pics of what you want me to use.

  1. cobra_waltz

  2. hawaiigamer142

  3. Master Chibi


Hey I had an old request no one could do for my avatar… I wanted someone with photoshop skill to help… I want the picture of the 1st girl… but I want her mouth photoshopped open, like the girls mouth in the 2nd picture.

Anyway, that’s my request. premium please as next month i’m going to upgrade my account… If you could do this… mad props. I thought u might be able to do this because of your 6 yr exp. If you click on the image, it expands to full size. If this is too difficult of a request, I understand.

hey bigworm, always liked your work. :tup:

can i get a premium sized av with either one of these pictures?

slapping my name on there would be cool too.

thanks man. premium size should be 160 x 100 and 48.8 kb (file size i’m not too sure about).

On it.

Sup Bigworm. I’ve been sportin’ this AV for a few years now, wondering if I could get a new one from you. Here’s a picture I found that I’d like, if possible.

If you need a better picture, contact me here or I think you have my AIM account as well. :tup:

^ 404 on that page. You might wanna re-link it.

Ah crap. It was a good picture too. Okay, how about one of these?

ooh id like one plz


Don’t worry cobra, I’m still on yours.

sweet. looks awesome, buddy. thanks a lot. :tup:

Can you make it using this sprite?

Do whatever you want to it, but if possible keep a black and red color scheme?

hey man

No worries, thx for taking my request :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see it.


I’ll tell you again, my friend…

That’s some good SHIT!

Now you can go eat!

if still open, think I could get a prem size one using this pic?

wadya mean, “if still open?” It’s been only, what, a little under 2 weeks since I started it?

I’ll add ya (nice pic, btw).

gimme gimme gimme

Hahahaha!! Kk


I’ve seen people who’ll make a thread to do a really limited amounts (like 5 requests) before stopping :sweat:

also when doing mine, please don’t include the ! in my handle. thanks!