Bike+freerunning=omg awesomesauce!


wow…just wow


i was thinking aw man this is going to be boring.

that was beautiful. i think its sae to say this guy is the best in the world at what he does


Fukin hell. Very nice.


Took a while to pick up, but that was pretty amazing shit.


Jesus christ. That wetsuit he’s wearing is fresh as hell


honestly i thought it was sick from the get go. riding your bike on a fucking fence…thats some epic shit to me.


id like to see him do that shit on a tricycle


First time Ive been wowd in a while.


Indeed, that was skill at some of it’s finest…


are these tears?
that was beautiful


Amazing! He makes those bunny hops look easy, he just hops up like 6 foot in the air like its nothing lol


He made that stuff look so easy. Oh let me jump off this bridge. Oh let me tailwhip to this other ledge 6 feet to my right from a standstill.



haa how many times did it look like he was going to over rotate and fall on his back. i cant even comprehend how he does that.