Bill Nye VS Ken Ham: Science Vs Creationism


Decided the Destiny:


Didn’t knwo this was happening. Thanks. :tup:


I like Nye but I don’t see anyone watching this for reasons other than confirming what they already believe no matter what side they are on.



Ken went on about bible having the origin of everything but does anyone know the origin of the bible?


The Word of God is the answer he would have given.


He technically did: it was written down by men inspired by god. Were you even paying attention?



you cant prove that tho


Are you saying that you can’t prove that people wrote down the shit on the bible or that God spoke to them so they would write it down?


that a god spoke to them. also could of been a woman tbh dont be sexist, god isnt


I wrote down “plz snd me all ur munny lolz” and I was inspired by God so it’s tots legit.

It’ll be sad when I die, but the forever incoming piles of money around me will at least make for an appropriately reverent burial mound. :sad:


Anyone who has had or seen a discussion about science vs creation knows that its a losing battle either way.


These debates are truly fruitless. These ideas don’t HAVE to be mutually exclusive of each other and can actually be examinations of one another.

This debate should probably be more about how these ideas can intersect intelligently; the thread’s title isn’t helping either, LOL.


What should I call it that would make things better and solve world peace?


“God made that happen” seems like kind of a bullet-proof rebuttal to everything, as it can’t be disproved.


What’s the point of this? No one is going to be swayed either way. Bill Nye is making a fool of himself.


Oh boy we have an intelligent designer here, folks!


That’s not fair. Believing in god and evolution doesn’t necessarily mean you believe in intelligent design. There’s lots of god fearing folks that believe in evolution. How they rationalize the two isn’t for you to decide.


As others have said, this debate is useless. Also, my parents are very much Christians who believe in evolution. You can believe in a god creating shit in the “ball rolling” sense and still believe in evolution. You don’t have to take the bible as the absolute law and lots of modern theist take that exact stance. The problem is, the only thing you see in the media is crazy Christians and cults, not your average rational person of faith. I myself, am an atheist, who happens to hate atheists. So clearly I’m pro-Nye.


What? Nonsense. God is a male God. Because if you believe in such a deity, that diety is a PROVIDER which has always been a male role. That’s what MEN do. Women are CONSUMERS of what men provide. Listen to when fathers talk. They say “I want someone who can take care of my daughter.” That’s code for a good PROVIDER. God provides. A female God would only consume.


I may or not be serious