Billy Kane Av Request

hey I was wondering if anyone can make me an avatar with a Billy Kane animated fighting stance from KOF 2k2 and have “The Only One” written across the bottom somewhere. Be as creative as you want. oh and try to make the background dark red. thanks!

Hey man i couldnt make it animated caus the animation of that stance was like 90 kb alone, but i got this:

If someone makes a animated one then its cool if u just wanna wear that.

Anyway enjoy.

Thanks bro. That one will do. But can you make it a GIF file. cause everytime time I try to grab it, it comes out as an art. thanks again

Here you go onlyone. Now you don’t have to wait.:wink:

Thanks blue, glad u like it one.

the boarder got nutered… or is that just me seeing things?

hey guys, Thanks for the avatar. It’s awesome!!!