Binghamton University (SUNY) Main Campus players



Are there any Binghamton University students playing? I heard about this Latenite thing they have but I didn’t want to waste my time going to one and not meeting anyone there. =\

And yes, I have used the Search function and added as many people I could to my AIM who were in the area. I’m making this thread in the off-chance that there is a community / gathering I’m unaware of.

Thank you,

Players near Binghamtom, NY
Players near Binghamtom, NY
Eastern Souther Tier(Binghamton, Deposit, Endwell, Etc..)
Facebook is mad serious
Players near Binghamtom, NY

Sent you a private message with all the info on Binghamton players.


i go to binghamton too (live downtown), down for matches with anyone who wants

dunker could you message me as well?


Just messaged you pseud0, and sorry I missed you aim message. Will contact you both after work, my aim is on my profile.


my friends and i host casuals every saturday. PM me your e-mail address, and i’ll add you to the mailing list.

late nite is stupid anyway. they still owe us money for running a tournament last semester.


binghamton reppin it up


is there still that mini arcade in the union? that they rebuilt? They had cvs2 there…gosh I miss that thing.


yeah, but i think they moved CvS2 somewhere else.

they have SFA3 (which is messed up), UMK3, VF4 (i think), and a racing game.


last time i went in the union i only remember seeing a shitty sfa3 machine with battops

they have vf?


That Alpha 3 machine is awesome. Two out of the six buttons on the first player side work.


Fun Tekken games. I’m hoping more Tekken players will surface when T6BR comes to PS3.


Most likely. Did you get to play AB? (The black dude)


I’m from the Bingo area, though not a BU student, anyone mind if I join in? PM me pls :slight_smile: Mostly play MvC3, I’m terrible at all versions of SF4 want to learn it, and play some oldies like CvS2.


I live in Binghamton… Anybody want to game?
Give me a text - 570.242.2653



I live in Bing, though i’m not a student at BU. There any gatherings around here where I can show up?


I’ll try to get in touch with some of you guys this Fall when school starts up again and we figure out what we’re doing for casuals.


Dust bowl in Syracuse ny July 2nd… Marvel… AE … Tekken… And MK
$500 pot bonus


Hey, definitely. I think my phone number is listed somewhere in this thread. If not, just PM me and I’ll give it to you. I’d love to have some casuals. I can have at my place or throw down at BU.


I’ll add you to the Facebook group. (I can’t believe this thread is still active.)