Binghamton University (SUNY) Main Campus players

PM CLAWWWW and ask him.

Definitely been wanting to hit up a bigger upstate tournament like this. I feel bad for not having been able to yet, but most of the gang here don’t own cars, so it can be tricky. As for this event…well, we’ll be at Winter Brawl then, sadly. Def gonna make it out to something like this eventually, though.

well march 24 is dustbowl… hope u guys make it

Anyone in Binghamton interested in X Tekken? I would really like to get someone actual play in, playing online is just annoying to me now.

I’ve played 3 separate demo builds of it over the past year and it really didn’t click with me. Also the fact that they made a core game mechanic a series of separate digital purchases really kind of killed what little interest I had in it.

I’m all over Guilty Gear HD and Skullgirls whenever they get released though.

u guys should come to syracuse march 24th for Dustbowl, and every week we hold weeklys

For those who aren’t a member of the Facebook group, there will be a UMvC3 and SFxT event on April 14th on the BU campus.

Huge Dustbowl update! The top 3 winners in Marvel get a special invite to the Curleh Mustache tournament. You know, the one I said would be crazy to represent Upstate at? Better hit Dat lab, put Upstate gaming on the map

Hey guys, there’s going to be a tournament on the SUNY Binghamton campus on Saturday, April 28th at 6:00 PM. Free entry, with a 1st place prize for UMvC3 and SSFIV:AE. There’s also going to be a Skullgirls side tournament, as well as stations for casuals during the event. Unfortunately, we can’t compete for cash on campus, so we’re stuck with a more casual tournament, but we’ve got some good competition around here, so definitely try to be there. PM me for location details and any other questions.

for the record, if you need to get around those silly college (no “gambling”) rules you can either buy Best Buy gift cards or Visa gift cards to give out to the winners, the latter of which are just as good as cash. And usually you are allowed to give those away at tournaments.

Yeah, I’m aware of that, and the prizes are in fact going to be gift cards. But since a gift card is a set, predetermined amount, it doesn’t work at all like a cash pay-out. We felt it’d be easier and more relaxed to just have it be more casual. Sorry to those who really want to compete for cash; that’s just not feasible for a small group to put together. That’s not to say you can’t get some money matches in on the DL, though…

Anyways, Facebook event page:

Xbox or PS3?

  1. We might have some PS3 set-ups but we mostly play on Xbox.

damn you guys do it on the worst days for me…got a wedding to go to

SkullGirls has been added

So I’m guessing the school year is over for BU and BCC, but would anyone who lives in Binghamton be up for some casuals sometime?
Maybe at least once a week if we get enough people?

If anyone was interested, Hostile Takeover is hosting a tourney in New Windsor. Right now there are around 42 people that are supposed to come, and we’re hoping to try and get more people to come if possible. The games that will have tournaments are SFIV AE 2012, SF3: Third Strike, and UMVC3. There will also be casuals for KOF XIII, SCV, MK9, and SG. The link below has more info for those interested. Please spread the word!…eovers-summer-showdown-new-windsor-ny.162292/

that’s 2 and a half hours away :frowning:

I figured it was be a ways away, but was trying to get the news out. The scene here is still growing, but we’d also like to reach out to other people in upstate NY if possible.