Bionic Lancer vs. Projectiles

So I’ve noticed that the move can charge through certain projectiles, and I use that strategy to catch people off-guard. But, once I was playing against a Zero spammer, and the laser sword blasts just stopped it.
Do you think it has “strength” like the other projectiles, or does it have armor like Focus Attacks?

It just has flat out invincibility frames. I’m sure someone can give you the exact numbers on it. But basically in my experience, if somebody throws a projectile from roughly half a screen away, you get to punch them in the face.

Over roughly half a screen away, you can fish for a trade or sometimes get beat. For example, chaotic flame (Dormammu) at full screen will beat out lancer. Though you can kinda start to do some gimmicky stuff using bionic lancer. For example:

Akuma does beam hyper, you do bionic lancer in response. If you’re not feeling confident that bionic lancer will go through the whole way, quickly input another invincible hyper (e.g. gamma crush, Wesker lvl. 3).

It’s invulnerable from frames 1 to 11, 7 of those frames are startup, I believe. So you have about a midscreen range before you can be punished.

You can buffer Bionic Arm after somebody does a super and at the right spacing it should beat out anything if they don’t DHC. And even then there’s an option select where you buffer X-Factor so that if it hits, you immediately X-Factor and when they DHC you X-factor before you hit somebody. I believe you can also do Bionic Arm, X-Factor, Bionic Arm to get more range out of your invincibility, but I haven’t tried it out enough yet.

Also any armored move will trade with it, since it only deals 1 hit. So if you hit Hulk while they’re doing H, they’ll take the damage and then hit you.

You can sure do that, alright.

I never noticed that part of your video. o: I was reminded of it by a video Gimpyfish made, he did Captain America’s Hyper Charging Star, X-Factor, Hyper Charging Star to get through a fullscreen Hailstorm.