Bionic Punch (A thorough research)



Hi there fellow Spencer players. If you’re like me, you are planning to main Spencer in MVC3. And like me, I’m pretty sure we’ve done combo experiments, tested out what works and doesn’t, etc. But one thing I have noticed, is how incredibly fast his Bionic Punch special is. Its like a faster version of Jin’s Blodia Punch from the earlier MVC series. Not only is it fast, but it counters a lot of specials!!!

So the reason I made this thread is to focus on his Punch special and what does it counter? I will work on this list as the days come (and heck maybe you guys can help me out here) and try to give out the entire list (possible a spread sheet. Although I’m not tech savvy, I will try my best here). For example if may look something like this

Character/ Special / Range/ Counters it? / Will you take damage/

Wesker/ Maximum Wesker(ground)/ Far/ Works/ None
Wesker/ Maximum Wesker(air)/ Far/ Works/ None
Sentinel/ Hyper Sentinel Force (ground)/ Mid/ Works/ Yes

Of course this is a rough draft and I will definitely keep updating this list. If possible, I can even make a video of this as soon as we have all the data available.


You’ll only need to remember that it will go through ANYTHING for the first 11 frames of the move. You’ll own anything/anyone during those frames. The move is more useful at mid-range, where your opponent thinks he can start spamming projectiles or use assists.


I know for sure that the Bionic Lancer usually loses to a few supers.

The ones that I can think of on the top of my head are:

X-23’s Weapon X Prime, which is the super where she dashes up to you and combos you. You will usually ALWAYS lose to that. It’s one of the few things where I lost after activating Bionic Lancer when she flashed to do her super.

Viewtiful Joe’s Mach Speed, which is the super where he ignites himself and goes for a movie-like combo.

Sentinel’s Hyper Sentinel Force, you can hit sentinel out of it, but the drones will still come at you.

I’m not sure about some Level 3 supers. I know for sure that it trades hits with Iron Man’s level 3 (which is obviously a huge favor on the spencer player’s part as Iron man will not go to the cinematic laser part if he trades on his level 3). If you activate it after most level 3’s, you should NORMALLY beat it I believe, unless it’s a command throw or something.


that’s more like it

but yeah, basically just follow PHARAON’s advice (he was good at hnk, I think you can trust him). It would probably be easier to compile a list of things Biolancer won’t beat. The people at the Dormammu forum have been mentioning that their Lv3 beats Biolancer.


The problem with punishing moves with bionic arm is that alot of supers have invisibility frames, for example magneto’s lvl 1 super has some, so he can on reaction lvl 1 super bionic arm if you try to punish his disrupter or something and be succesful. On the other hand activating yours after his will allow you to hit him instead.

Several characters can also dhc cancel into an invsible frame partner to stop bionic arm or a powerup/counter super like dante/wolvie/wesker/sentinal(HSF has a few frames)/Akuma’s uppercut etc. In the end the best part of this super will be to punish incoming air attacks that can’t be super cancelled etc, that and using it on reaction to kill assists, boinic arm into dhc against an assist can kill alot of assists.

I think we need to stop relying on this mechanic to punish people who don’t know how to stop it, eventually everyone will know how to stop it with good dhc’s or even x-factor cancelling a super to punish etc.


^this, people Ive been playing have been figuring out ways to beat the Lancer. we cant punish characters like Taskmaster, unless its during some aerial attack or arrows, because of his Counter super that he can input after ours.

Same with X-23 and her Dashing super.

only thing Ive been able to think of, it so use Bionic Maneuvers instead. I know it isnt as safe, but it might beat some characters’ hypers if they just respond to the super freeze.


Title’s confusing. I thought you were talking about Armor Piercer at first. It’s called Bionic Lancer


You can hit Ammy out of her 4 seasons (or whatever that’s called) super with the Bionic Lancer. At first it looks like it won’t connect, but it’ll hit her even though she’s a bit off the ground. Good stuff.


I managed to beat HSF with Lancer and not get hit by the drones when I played last night with some friends. I managed this miracle by being right at Sent’s face and activate my hyper during the super flash


Long range Slap --> Bionic Lancer

If you’re grappling hand connects on the ground, you can cancel it the instant the hit flash appears and cancel into bionic lancer. Not the greatest combo, but pretty darn silly if you ask me.


bionic arm loses to modoks psionic laser


at around past half screen, spencer’s bionic lancer will lose to any beam supers.

around half screen or closer, it will win.


Bionic Arm loses to…Bionic Arm.

Had that happen in a mirror match, he activated his super so I survived it with my invincibility and whacked him back.


Sentinal assist or doom assist before you bionic arm will combo, fun to see people’s reactions when it lets u land a second bionic arm. You can’t really plan for this to happen typically, but its a happy accident when it does. I can land the combo in training mode easily but its rare to get it set up in a real match.


Okay since the start of the game, I’ve been using Spence, Chris, and Zero, so far it seems like the bionic punch will go through any projectiles, for instance, against Sent’s Hyper Sentinel Force AKA The-Finger-Point-Super it’ll go through the first set of drones, hit Sent, and then Spence will get hit by the other two sets of drones.

I’ve had a Mag do a magnetic tempest in my face, and I mashed out a bionic punch it and straight up hit him.

It seems that if the your opponent is in your face, and does a super (any super), you can mash out the bionic punch and it’ll either hit them, or trade, minus wesker’s counter super.

The one thing you need to be afraid of is that the Hulk’s standing High, will absorb the hit, and sometimes Sent’s ducking H will absorb it too, so try not to spam it too much.

Also I’ve gone through Hulk’s Gamma Tsunami at full screen. However, when he did the regular, then canceled to Tsunami, I ate the whole thing


Funny, I did that once shortly after my opponent… We both whiffed.


Armor moves kill this. Sin-tinel sweep, forget about it.


Akuma’s Raging Demon will beat it every time, whether you activate it first or after the demon has been activated.

All counter supers beat it as well (obviously).


The deal with HSF is when and where you start Bionic Lancer. If you hit Lancer point blank immedieately, your invincibility will end before the 3rd set of drones. Also, if you activate immedieately but from 3/4 screen, you trade on impact with the 2nd or 3rd drones. The best I think is 3/4 but waiting till the first set of drones are right in your face. Doing that generally lets me hit him and still invincible past the 3rd row of baby Sentinels.


Although you can reversal lots of stuff, dont forget that people cann XFC cancel or bait you otherwise.
Like Taskmaster doing the Arrow Special, you Bionic Arm and he cancels into Countersuper.