Bioware employee insulted by crazy fans

Lol these people are really crazy.

Bioware CEO is donating $1000 in her name for Bullying Canada.

It was about letting the players “skip combat”? I thought it was about plots being premium slashfics and the games sequels marketed heavily on that aspect.

I remember when RPG hype didn’t need to include “YOU CAN GET IT ON WITH AN ALIEN”, and the only selling sex would be a micro/sling bikini clad Royo-inspired artwork on the cover.

Welcome to the internet
It is dominated by bored, privileged and horny men.
It’s like the real world. But worse.

If it was a song, it would be rap rock about being eternally being 13 and not giving a fuck.

Oh big deal those pussies wouldn’t say shit to her in real life so who gives a fuck about them on the internet. I sure hope she doesn’t.

I kinda want to punch, in the neck, everyone who got on her case for this.

Look, I’m a gameplay first, story second kinda gamer, who usually picks the hardest difficulty and scales back as (often: IF) appropriate, so I like games to be games, but that’s not everyone. Some people want to just play and see the narrative. Bastion added an unlimited retry mode for just such a player.

I’m willing to bet money 99.6% of the people who insulted her don’t know two shits about the intricacies of the mechanics of the games they purport to love.

Doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I’m sure games with shitty gameplay but interesting stories exist.

One just came out. It’s called Asura’s Wrath. It’s not a very good game but holy shit is it an awesome experience.

I have to say that I totally agree with her. Sometimes I feel like cutscenes and dialogue are getting in my way of playing the game. Sometimes, if I get wrapped up in the story and get stuck, I feel like the game is getting in the way of the story. I don’t know if it’s a feature that I would personally take advantage of, but I can definitely see why people would, and I wouldn’t mind actually seeing it implemented. I really wish the internet would stop ruining games for me.

EDIT: The bullying donation thing is totally awesome. It’s a nice way to flip off the whiners while helping a good cause.

Most survival horror games fall into this. Silent Hill, Fatal Frame and Siren have shitty gameplay but good stories.

The title is a bit misleading.

I don’t hate her for expressing that opinion. Hell, this isn’t really that much different from the ability to skip a cutscene (Which I heartily enjoy). While I would never use such a feature, I am all for the extra freedom in how to play the game; as a different mode, it could certainly work. If it was in the main game, I’d prefer if it was an option you could turn off, since access to options encourages you to use those options.

But seriously, it was six fucking years ago. Is the internet always this petty?

I’ve seen 20 page long petitions on the League of Legends forum to protest the game’s artwork. Yes, the internet always cares too much about everything.


Never heard of her until I clicked this thread. So instead of hating on a writer over a 6 year old opinion which unsurprisingly is or should be biased towards the narrative in games (you know being a writer and all), I’ll reserve my hate towards Bioware as a whole for putting out Dragon Age 2.

LMAO @ her response.

Flame war. She wins it.

i don’t get the hate its a valid opinion.

but this is the internet…all opinions means you’re a peice of shit and deserved to get slander for it.

i mean some gamers like story>>gameplay and some like gameplay>>story. and some don’t like either and just want to enjoy the experience

Mass Effect 1.

But yeah, if the story is THAT interesting, I would continue play it if the gameplay is shitty.
Worse case, I can youtube a speed run with no skip cut scenes.

gamers being whiny little bitches and missing a person’s overall point? i don’t believe it.

I would love a fast forward button through stupid shit like unnecessarily hard boss fights

stay classy anon.

I make every RPG hard as fuck on myself because I do not level and run from most battles because I am interested in the story, not getting whatever the fuck weapon/item/bullshit they want you to do to achieve 40 hours of play time. I fucked myself OVER in FFX and some Tales games because of that.

Some days, I wish voice acting was not necessary because those fucks speak so slow, but I understand some people can not read well or do not want to read.

I side with that vagina on this, skip action is needed.

She is right.

Video games are just another way of putting your story out there. Yet one more source of media that happens to provide a side-activity: fun. I remember one writer (forgot who, but it was one that I highly respect) saying that he didn’t care if peopleread his novels and skipped the…

No wait! I remember. It was Neal Stephenson.

Basically, his writing is full of semi-hard science, sometimes even including programming source code and mathematical equations right smack in the middle of the narrative (one that particularly stands out is Crypotonominicon’s distribution graph of the protagonist’s hornyness) . He said in one interview that he didn’t think that people should have to read or even understand all that to read his novels. Indeed, you can read Cryptonominicon without knowing Perl or anything about probability and statistics, but knowing it enhances the experience.

In much the same way, completing a particularly difficult fight enhances the experience of a narrative or cinematic game. The Weapons in Final Fantasy 7 come to mind, as do a number of fights in Baldur’s Gate that were particularly hard for me. To get to the story, I probably wouldn’t have skipped them. But that was back when I had much more time than I do now. Today, that “skip combat” button would probably look sooo much more appealing. :tup:

Where all you fools in the Asura’s wrath topic? lol.