Bipson Beginner Thread

I’m quite interrested in bison. I’m currently around 1200~1500pp but I have never mained a charge-character before. My charge-character execution is decent and I’m quite familiar with fighting games. There are some things that I don’t really understand when playing bison. Could anyone help me out with:

  • bison in general
  • BnB
  • Playing footsies with bison
  • Gameplan
  • Which moves are safe/unsafe?
  • Bison’s ultra’s
  • How to handle centrain situations. (fireball-characters, being cornerd, having someone in the corner etc.)
  • Which taunts makes magneto jealous? (Aka best troll/usefull taunts)
  • Bison’s specials and teleport

This is alot but this might be helpfull for future bison players.

Reward: Choose one per post

  • 1 psycho power
  • Teeth whitening
  • Delicous videotapes
  • Jean claude van Damme

(Sorry for my horrible english, I’m dutch)