Bird Nest: What should I do? (not a sigley thread)


So yea, from the outside you can see there’s a large nest next to the AC, which isn’t necessary because you can hear the birds as they are insanely loud, especially right before sun-rise.

Anyways… what should I do? In order to take out the AC I need to tilt the front up, which might cause the nest to fall or might damage it. I don’t want to turn the AC on either and the weather is going to be getting warmer.

Has anyone else here experienced a similar situation. What do you think I should do?


You must eat them. Then you will gain their strength or something. With any luck, the ability to fly.


I do not want to injure the little birds.


Then enjoy your early wake up calls. You really only have two options here.

The birds must die.


lost interest


Build them an even better home and let them move in!

Extreme Makeover: Birdhouse Edition


Move the nest?


stop being a pussy and knock that shit down.


Teabag the baby birds leaving your human scent on them, then when the mom comes back she will attack them


improved plan


Just move the nest, you’d get rid of a wasps nest or ants nest so it’s really no loss if the birds get scared off or it breaks when moving, unless your into the whole “survivel of the cutest” thing when it comes to pests.




How high up is your living quarters?


You should do what i did when Jerry ate my Toblerone…Burn them alive!

Im pretty sure it will work the same. Put the sticky traps, catch it, make a poll on its fate…


I hit a rabbit on the way home from work…it went right into the middle of street as my car was going down the road…I tried to swerve out of the way but it turned around and ran in the direction of my swerve…had it standed still I would have avoided it but I think it was trying to commit suicide…


I highly doubt there is any way to successfully relocate it.

So your choices are to either live with it or try to move it and likely kill them (directly or indirectly).


First Jerry, now Bugs…I say tweety gets it badly!


my sister had the same problem a few years back. You are going to have to move the nest.