Birdie General Thread: The Banana Bogey Brawler

From SRK’s article.

Ok I’m really curious. His V-Skill is the most original by far.
Nicely done capcom.

Glad to see Birdie back. He was one of my biggest requests for SF4. Glad to see him included. Daaamn though did he let himself go!

well it’s understable if you look it his bio and see that one of his hobbies is gluttony and that he likes beer.

Not happy about the new design.

Gameplay-wise, sounds interesting.

Birdie is older and fatter these days.

I love his redesign. He looks fat; but it fits his character. Rufus is just stupid fat but birdie reminds me of an actual street thug who is very large and more concerned with body mass/intimidation rather than looking ripped. He looks brutal.

I’m not fan of the design but I’m glad he’s not a charge character anymore. Good call on making Bull Revenger a special this time.

I wonder why Birdie’s fat now. Is he depressed?

Did his time in the Psycho Drive make him fearful of his own mortality and now he eats to fight his depression?

Really interested in the changes to his moveset. I really hope we get a general story trailer so we can speculate what’s driving everyone. I wonder if Birdie got a sweet score, slowed down in thuggery and just let himself go? His necklace design is on the cans he drinks from, so I’m wondering if he figured out the monetary biz better than Balrog.

All the food stuff should be interesting hah. Can’t wait for more footage.

I told you I was sure either Birdie or Sodom would be in this game.

Seeing they got Charlie and Birdie… maybe they’re trying to push in for a Street Fighter Alpha Online Edition release?

Not happy with this new design. Gameplay wise is interesting though.


It’s weird that Birdie is not a 360 character.

Did they take away all the 360 moves? Or does this mean Zangief will still make it as the 360 grappler.

Or maybe they’ve gone more SNKish, and made his grabs actually combo

I like the new design. Game is feeling more like SF3 where they’re finally not afraid to make progressions with the look and character choices. Seems like he has ranged grabs now which is new for SF.

He is fat because he loves to eat, that is obvious. Gluttony has always been listed as something he likes. Maybe he finally got enough money he can sit on his butt and enjoy life.

The article zerochan made on the front page makes it sound like there may not be anymore 360 moves.

It looks like again Capcom is taking another approach from smaller community games like Skullgirls and KI. Inputs for special moves are made to be simpler and more accessible for newer players. Considering 3rd Strike only had a few charge characters and no charge supers, this is really just a slightly more simplified SF3 when it comes to motions.

I like this approach as like 3rd Strike and Skullgirls, there are still execution heavy things you can do even with the simplified motions. In SFIV they force newer players to learn all of these complicated charge motions and other commands for specials, but then let them just mash out of block stun and frame traps with backdashes and reversals. Now things will be more streamlined so they can get in and play, but not let them get out of stuff for free either.

Half circles are harder to churn though, especially against crossups.

People still churn? lol

How you can succeed at guarding anything while churning is beyond me.